Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ahhh, the joys of a new child

Tank is either getting spoiled or a little sick. Since he's so young, I'm voting for a little sick. That, and he's had a sour stomach for a couple of days. Sigh, I guess they have to build up their immune systems somehow. The poor kid just wants to be held, it seems to be the only comfort he can get. Only, it's exhausting and nothing is getting accomplished around the house. Sushi was wonderful last night and stayed up with Tank and played video games so I could sleep. What a great husband! I'm letting him continue to sleep even though it's currently 1pm. He needs some sleep after this last semester and he's been fighting a cold for a couple of weeks. We went to Target last night and got family, kids, and Tank's two week pictures taken. We had a phenomenal photographer and we got some great pictures. The really cool thing is that we will have them back by Christmas Eve, that is something I didn't expect this late in the season! When I get the email with the images I'll have to post the pictures. After that we went to dinner with big sister and big grizz. It was a fun night, I was exhausted after everything but it was fun! We got hit with a terrible snow storm (again) right before rush hour so we were late but the studio was fine with it. I'm glad because it was definitely worth the time. Well, perhaps I'll go deliver neighbor gifts and make singing time for the licorice stick lady who is still subbing for me in church(she is so great!). I also need to do some more laundry and clean bathrooms. Yippe, a fun filled day is ahead for all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tanks birth and other sushiboy family happenings December 2008

Wow, I am behind on posting pictures, go figure, I've been taking care of tank and the rest of the family. Happily, sushi is done with his finals and he got A's in his classes. I am so proud of him! I had quite a few pictures to post so I just made a slide show, The slideshow should go in order of events. We start with the picture of me right before I went into the hospital and go from during the c-section to finishing the c-section and then there are pictures of our stay at the hospital and going home. Poor tank (like all my kids) had to spend some time under the bili lights but other than that his stay was pretty uneventful. There are pictures of our ward christmas party with Santa and the kids. Tank had his two week checkup yesterday, usually they want the baby to be back up to his birth weight by the two week checkup. I wasn't concerned because by the time we left the hospital he was almost back up to his birth weight. WELL, as of yesterday tank weighed 10 lbs, 12 oz, his height and head circumference are the same but he has gained over a pound over his birth weight in two weeks! The doctor just kept saying WOW, you must make some good milk! Thankfully, I do and I am grateful to have healthy happy kids! Well, gotta run, enjoy the pics!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


24- the number of pounds I have lost in 11 days, no wonder I'm always cold! Of course having an almost 10 lb baby helped. This makes me very happy, that means I'm about half way there to where I want to be after baby. Yippee! Too bad the last half will be a lot harder to lose!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wow, what a difference one little baby makes in your life. I have been busy, inbetween resting as much as possible. Tank is great, I wish he would get his days and nights switched to the right way but that will come. I just keep looking at him and admiring how perfect and beautiful he is. I love his adorable fat cheeks and double chin, his perfect blonde peach fuzz and little eyes. I really need to post some pictures but the camera is with sushi and he is currently at the nutcracker with cakes and grandma. My mom left today so I am officially on my own now. My ward is bringing in dinner for the next three nights and I am going to have some friends who volunteered take my kids to school this week and after that it is christmas vacation so by the time school starts again I should be in much better shape. My blood pressure was high at my incision check so I am now on blood pressure medication for the time being. I hope it goes away soon, I really hate having to rely on a pill to be healthy. The irony is that the whole pregnancy my blood pressure was great, sigh, oh well, like I said, hopefully I only need the medication temporarily. I seem to be healing well though and my belly is going down quickly considering it's only been 11 days since I had my c-section. It just never seems it goes down quickly enough. Well, hopefully when sushi gets back I can post some pictures. Wish sushi luck, he has two finals this next week and he is very nervous about them I know he'll do great because he always does, but he is very scared he wont, so go tell him how great he is!