Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 things. . . .

I just saw this on a friends blog and I'm going to modify it a little and steal it!

10 things I love about Sushiboy

1- He works soooo hard for us. Everything he is doing is with me and the kids in mind. The part time school and full time work, yep, not for him. I'm fairly sure if it wasn't for us he would be content renting a little house, working just enough and doing whatever he wanted to do. He is willing to do things he doesn't "want" to do right now and stick things out even when he would rather be doing something else.

2- He loves me!

3- He thinks I'm hot. Three kids later. . . . it's amazing to me. I'm glad he does!

4- He is a wonderful father to our kids.

5- He understands our kids. When I am at the point that I want to pull my hair out and tell the kids to buck up and stop being babies, he is able to be a kid with them and help me be more patient and loving. This also makes it so he is the perfect person to send to buy presents. He knows just what they will love. I always pick something not "fun" enough.

6- He supports me in whatever choices I make.

7- He is so fun and energetic! One of the things that made me fall in love with him was how he could make me laugh. (We were NOT a love at first sight couple)

8- He has broadened my horizons. I have learned that I like a lot of things I never would have dreamed I would like because he introduced them to me. (sushi, fantasy/sci-fi books, to name a few)

9- He loves to dance. I love that!

10- We are equals. Some people look at our relationship and think I do everything and admittedly I do a lot. But so does he. He doesn't control me, I don't control him. We have different roles and responsibilites but it works for us and I never feel controlled or forced into my role.

What do you love about your significant other?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I just paid sushi's summer tuition with money I earned doing Pampered Chef. That's pretty cool. That is all.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It may be time.

I think my computer may be starting to bite the dust. It now takes about 10 minutes to start up and it runs so slow. And now it won't find our wireless internet. It may be time to start looking for a new laptop. I really really really hope this one lasts a while longer. We don't have the cash for a new one. I really do need one for my business though. sigh, I hope it lasts. . . .

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's done. . .

Well, the bellybutton is no longer herniated. It's amazing how much better it already looks and that's even though I know I'm swollen. Tank has not loved the fact that I am not to pick him up very much and he is quite ticked off that I haven't been snuggling him as much as usual. Cookie is loving that he gets to carry tank everywhere. He thinks it's cool he gets to step up to the plate. He has been great. Even Cakes has been good. They have picked up after themselves (thusfar) pretty well and have been great about letting me rest. Today was the worst day so far and I think that's because all the anestheia (sp?) is worn off and I just feel sore. I also was on my own completely today. I'm greatful for good friends and family who have helped me out so much and brought us dinner for the last three nights. I am the mother helper for Cakes' recital next week and that ought to be an adventure. The other mother helper is pregnant and due next month (but will be induced by the end of this month for sure) and I can't lift anything. lol, it ought to be exciting how well we handle a class of 4-6 year old little girls. I plan on bringing the portable dvd player and lots of little girl dvd's . I will survive. Yes I will. Have a great night!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Keep 'em comin'

I went to the surgeon the other day to check on my herniated bellybutton (all thanks to my huge babies) and I'll be having surgery on wednesday. So, keep the prayers comin'. Wednesday is Sushi and my nine year anniversary, I guess I get to make sure he spends time with me on our anniversary. I also have a Pampered Chef show on thursday and saturday. I'll be needing a little help with both those shows. My friend Karen is going to be in the town just north of us on Friday and we were going to go to dinner and have some girl time. We may not be able to do that now. Thankfully, my mother plans on coming from wednesday to friday to help out. I'm not supposed to do any weight lifting or core exercises for a month and I'm not supposed to lift tank very much for about three days. The doctor says I'll be feeling pretty much back to normal by the next day. I hope so. I still "get" to take three days easy and a month off of working out. I guess I'll have to be extra vigilant about my body for life diet and btw, I've lost seven lbs in three weeks. WOOT. That is all.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Slept in

I slept in today until 10am when I had to take sushi to the doctors. It was fantastic. I really love sleep. Sushi is feeling a little better, he thinks he still has one more stone to pass and then hopefully he can resume with his life. (and I can resume with mine ;) )

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life throws you a loop

The last few days have been. . . . . . long.

Thursday night around 11:30pm as I was heading to bed Sushi called out to me. I found him in the kitchen in excruciating pain. He said he had thrown his back out and he was hurting. Um, . . . . it wasn't his back. I told him I was taking him to the emergency room. I called big sister who came right over with big grizz to watch the kids while I took sushi to the emergency room. About midnight we headed over, they got us right in and finally, after pain meds and ultrasounds and such, sushi has kidney stones, we got sent home about three am with pain meds and a strainer. We were asleep by around four am. Big sis and big grizz were kind enough to stay all day friday at our house and help me out. Friday, after about four hours of sleep I was on the phone canceling appointments, calling sushi's work, getting prescriptions, getting stuff from the grocery store, taking cookie to school, etc, etc, etc. It was a very long day. I was able to get an hour nap in about the time I was starting to sway when I stood still. Big sis and big grizz were such a great help. I'm not sure they understand how much I appreciate them. Sushi passed one big stone and many small stones that day and I think he may have some more small stones to pass because he is in pain still. Yesterday I had a pampered chef show and my nephew was baptized and so I didn't get much rest yesterday either. Today I told my friend that I would bring her dinner because she had gall bladder surgery friday. I think I may skip most of church except the parts I really have to be at (singing time with the kids) and rest. I'm exhausted. I'm glad I got the lawn mowed thursday because I think it may take a few days to recover from this weekend.