Friday, August 28, 2009


I started sanding down the deck to restain it wednesday. Yesterday in all my craziness, cakes told me she didn't feel good and I gave her some ibuprofen and didn't think anything more of it. Today, I sanded and sanded, and cakes was grumpy all day, she was crying when she woke up, and said her throat hurt. But Cakes has a bad habit of being a bit of a hypocondriac so I don't leap everytime she says she doesn't feel well. Today when she got back from school she was crying and told me she wanted to go to bed. So I let her. Then I went and sanded some more. Sushi came home and she said she wanted a drink of juice, he gave her some and she promptly threw up. At this point I figured, ok, I guess she's really sick and felt her head and she was running a fever. So sushi gave her a bath and I took her to the instacare, (yep, in all my sanding all day glory, it was very nice ;)). When we got there, they did a strep test, it was negative, and the doctor noticed her tummy was very tender when he checked it. So we did a urine test. The poor girl has a kidney infection! I feel so bad! Here I am ignoring her and she has a kidney infection! Add to this her many medication allergies and there are about two very had to find medications she can take. I had to call a whole bunch of pharmacies to find one that carried her medication. The doctor told me that this is VERY serious and if she is not improving within 24 hours I am to take her to the ER and the Hospital needs to put her on an IV with the stronger meds. Sooo, our plans tonight of going to the wind festival? canceled. My guilt factor, not at all canceled. If fact I think it doubled.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Strange things are afoot at the Facebook

Weird. Facebook has been a weird experience for me. Specifically lately. I've had a few people who I would have been fine with never seeing again look me up and request to be my friend. Me being the person I am and not wanting to be a brat, I accepted their requests. I'm so grateful that they haven't sent me long emails wanting to "catch up on my life". The most recent experience was an old boyfriend who broke up with me and I moved on, I got engaged, I got un-engaged and then he looked me up again and then after dating for about two weeks he started talking marriage. Keep in mind I had just broken off a horrible engagent with a real putz. Plus he was very needy. If he didn't talk to me that day he would just "have the most horrible day". blech. I really don't like needy. Needless to say, I broke up with him and within about a year met sushi and we were married. Sushi is not needy :) and I am so happy to have him for my husband. The other experience is one of my old young women leaders who used to sit with another leader and make fun of us and drink their diet coke who recently wanted to become my "friend". I seriously considered not accepting. I was at a vulnerable point in my teenage years and she was part of my small rebellion against everything that I now hold dear. Why should I care about a church who puts women who don't care about me and make fun of me and my friends (who really were good kids) to our faces? However, I did get over that angst due to some fantastic leaders who put up with a lot of crap from my friends and I and loved us despite how we treated them. Ah well, now that I've put my emotional thoughts on the page, how about you? Any strange things afoot in your corner of facebook?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Perhaps it's run it's course

I think I might be done with blogging, it seems I'm writing only for myself and I just dont have the energy lately to post well anything. Hmm, we'll see.

Monday, August 17, 2009


The kids and I hiked seven miles today. My mom wants to hike the back of Timp, but seeing as that hike is fourteen miles round trip and we're all exhausted after seven I think we may have to pass on that. I'm going to bed now, goodnight.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Eye Appointment Update

Well, looks like sometime in the next few weeks Tank will be having surgery on his tear duct. The doctor told me they will put in under for about one minute, put something that looks like a long paper clip into his tear duct, poke a hole through to his nose, clean him up, and he's done. He said there would be a few bloody tears but he probably wouldn't even know anything had happened. I'm glad to hear this. I really didn't want my sweetie in pain. Especially since he isn't able to understand or cope very well. So, we have an exciting few weeks with school starting and Tank having surgery all within the next few weeks. Yippee.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tank and the eye appointment

Tank has had a clogged tear duct since he was born. SOOO, tomorrow he has a doctors appointment with the pediatric opthomologist and we'll see what they recommend.

I feel excited and anxious.

Excited because finally mabey he can have the darn thing fixed, he constantly has an infection in it, I put drops in it and it gets better for a day or so and then it's infected again. That can't be good for the little guy. Besides he hates the drops, he just crys and crys when I put them in and the little smartie is getting pretty good at squinting and turning so the drops don't end up in his eye. It's delightful.

Anxious because this will probably entail surgery (they put a tube in the duct to help it drain) and my poor baby will probably end up with a black eye and in a lot of pain. That is really hard for me to handle.

However, our deductable has been met twice this year so now is better than waiting until next year. I know all will turn out fine and as it should but, oh, my heart aches at what my poor sweet baby will have to go through. I'll try to update tomorrow after the doctors appointment.