Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new to us car.

Sushi has been borrowing a car from his wonderful sister and brother in law. We were greatful but we needed something that was ours. When Sushi and I met he was driving a lincoln continental. It cracked me up. His dream car? A Lincoln Towncar.

I kid you not. I always tease him and tell him he's such and old man! But, I can't argue that those are comfortable cars. And I do like the leather seats, easy cleanup with kids. woot!

So, Sushi has been browsing our local classifieds for a while and there was one listed that was just outside of our budget. But, Sushi was hopeful because the listing said the seller was finishing his studies and returning to "his country" and that was why he was selling it. It was already a good price, just a bit too much for us. We figured it would either sell or the seller would drop the price. He dropped the price! So, Sushi called him and yesterday we headed up to have a look. It's far from a perfect car but it's awfully nice. Plus, Sushi talked him down a little but more! :) So, now were broke but we have a new to us car and Sushi is thrilled that he can drive to work with a stereo that works and cup holders! I'm just thrilled that I think he's safer in this car! :) I would put up pictures of the car but it looks like it has already been taken down. It's a 2000 Lincoln Continental, it's maroon, and it seems to be a very nice car. Now onto inspections, emmisions, insurance, and all that jazz.

Monday, April 26, 2010


ugh, I had another cortizone shot in my foot today. I'm supposed to be taking it easy today but of course, 500 things have come up and I haven't been able to. The doc wanted to do an ultrasound to see what was going on but because I don't have insurance, we held off. He mentioned that if this kept up we were going to need to do another ultrasound and see what has changed. I afraid what has changed is that the bone spur is getting bigger and I'm going to need surgery. I really don't want surgery. It's a horrible, painful, sit in bed for 6 weeks and stay off your feet kind of surgery. Did I mention painful? Sooo, another cortizone shot it is. Until he tells me that won't cut it anymore. :(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm a sucker. . . .

Well, the boy talked me into it again. I'm a total sucker, especially if he's using his own money. He got another dwarf hampster. This one is albino and actually very nice. He swears this time he'll take care of it. BWHAAAAAAA!!!!! I mean, of course he'll take care of it. He's so excited he can't stand it. He still hasn't thought of a name, suggestions????

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tank finally walks

Tank has finally decided it's worth walking, if he's bribed in some way! Head on over to Sushiboy's blog to see a video.