Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yesterday. . . .

Sushi summed up yesterday perfectly. He came home and called me and said "so, it looks like it was an interesting day around the house?!" lol. Yep, it was. He came home to all the laundry clean but piled up in the baskets not folded, the shelf in our storage room knocked over on the floor and everything scattered around it, a hamster cage outside because the hamster was dead, and the house smelling like smoke.
I was at a show when he called so this conversation happened when I was driving to pick up the children from my parents house.
Here is how my day went. I was trying a new kind of show yesterday so I spent all day preparing for it. When I got up yesterday morning I went to our storage room and found the shelf on the floor and everything scattered. ???? yep, don't know what happened there or when it happened. I just hope the shelf is not ruined. However, my day was full so we just carefully stepped around it. The laundry? yep, my family is lucky it got washed, the goal today? fold the laundry and pick up the shelf. The hamster? Well, it died sometime within the last day or so. Not sure, it's cookie's hamster and I check on it occasionally but the responsibility falls mostly on the boy. Oh, but cookie was sooo upset. He weeped, he wailed, he told me he doesn't want any more hamsters because they die too fast and he really loved that hamster. :( Part of why we have animals is so we can learn about death, I know it sounds morbid, but, it's really part of why my children have pets. The other parts? Responsibility, and happiness, pets bring happiness.
Lastly, about the smoke smell. This is a story I need to write down because it is both tragic for the microwave and funny. :) Yesterday as I was working on preparing for the show Tank ran downstairs excitedly exclaiming "I did it! I did it!" He ran from person to person telling them this. To which we all smiled and said "Oh! good job!" lol, we should have checked to see what he did. Not too long after that I needed to go upstairs for something. I walked upstairs and smelled smoke. Shocked, I looked around for the culprit. I looked over at the microwave and saw. . . . a very black plate of nachos, with thirty five more minutes to go! I hurridly stopped the microwave and opened all doors and windows. When I tried to take the plate out of the microwave only the outside half came out and the middle stayed in the center. He had melted the plate! I grabbed my handy nylon scraper and scraped off the melted middle plate. It was so hot it melted my nylon pan scraper! Yipes! Well, tank was not thrilled that I was throwing out his nachos so I had to explain that they were yucky and made him a new plate of nachos. But I am a little shocked! The two year old made himself a plate of nachos and put them in the microwave. He just knows if you push buttons and start it will cook your food. Stinker! I also told him he needs to ask for help next time he wants nachos. I am so glad that we only paid 10 bucks for that microwave! If it was a new $200 one I would have been sick. Our experience with this (after Anna's similar experience, only with a muffin, a black, smoking muffin) is that the microwave is not long for this world. This kind of thing seems to kill the microwave for good.
So, there ya go. What a day!