Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tank's 6 month pictures

Well, it's that time again, picture time! I can't believe Tank is already 6 months old. We went to the doctors today for his six month checkup and he has got an infection in his eye and an ear infection in both ears. Poor baby, he's already acting much better. So, he didn't get his immunizations today but I have great pictures to share!

Also, my mother is in Syria for the next three weeks helping my older sister with her baby while she is on a dig. Sooo, seeing as she is in such a "safe" part of the world prayers and good karma directed her way would be great.

Our family went through the Oquirrh Mountain Temple the other day, it was such a pretty temple. For those of you who don't know, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints allows anyone to go through their temples before they are dedicated. After they are dedicated only members of the church who hold a temple recommend are allowed to go through. So we thought it would be a great opportunity to show our children what the inside of the temple is like. They liked it, if you would like to see pictres, here is a link.


Hoosier Girl said...

Awwwww.....he's adorable! He looks more and more like Sushiboy every day.

Hope I get to see him this summer.


Lisita said...


G'ma Nasus said...

He is a beautiful, beautiful boy. Hope he is well by now.