Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We keep hearing about how the switch to digital television is going to be delayed. Apparently the bill was defeated today. My big question is when did television become something that was considered a necessity? Why is the government giving coupons in the first place so people can watch tv? Wouldn't we all be better off with less tv anyways? And finally, whatever happened to personal responsibily in the matter? If you didn't get your coupons and boxes when they have been telling you too for the last year then too bad. Don't get me wrong. We probably watch too much tv at our house ourselves. However, if we weren't prepared for the switch over, too bad, our family would be better off without tv anyways. Here is the link to the story.


HoosierGirl5 said...

I agree with you. It's stupid that our national leasders are concerned with digital TV. Besides, they've been warning everyone for the last year or so...if someone isn't ready, it's too bad for them.


Nobody™ said...

This is the only good news I've gotten all week!

Meritt said...

ROTFL... Girl, you know I gave up watching tv in September of 1998. A full DECADE of not watching. I have no clue what the brouhaha is about this switchover. I only know my husband said "We have satellite so we're fine."



Superwoman said...

hoosiergirl- yep, that sums up all my thoughts, yep.

nobody- glad to have good news for you!

meritt- good for you!

familytreejunkie said...

I heard today that they are not delaying it. It would cost companies too much money to delay. Which makes tons of sense considering the economy.