Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life throws you a loop

The last few days have been. . . . . . long.

Thursday night around 11:30pm as I was heading to bed Sushi called out to me. I found him in the kitchen in excruciating pain. He said he had thrown his back out and he was hurting. Um, . . . . it wasn't his back. I told him I was taking him to the emergency room. I called big sister who came right over with big grizz to watch the kids while I took sushi to the emergency room. About midnight we headed over, they got us right in and finally, after pain meds and ultrasounds and such, sushi has kidney stones, we got sent home about three am with pain meds and a strainer. We were asleep by around four am. Big sis and big grizz were kind enough to stay all day friday at our house and help me out. Friday, after about four hours of sleep I was on the phone canceling appointments, calling sushi's work, getting prescriptions, getting stuff from the grocery store, taking cookie to school, etc, etc, etc. It was a very long day. I was able to get an hour nap in about the time I was starting to sway when I stood still. Big sis and big grizz were such a great help. I'm not sure they understand how much I appreciate them. Sushi passed one big stone and many small stones that day and I think he may have some more small stones to pass because he is in pain still. Yesterday I had a pampered chef show and my nephew was baptized and so I didn't get much rest yesterday either. Today I told my friend that I would bring her dinner because she had gall bladder surgery friday. I think I may skip most of church except the parts I really have to be at (singing time with the kids) and rest. I'm exhausted. I'm glad I got the lawn mowed thursday because I think it may take a few days to recover from this weekend.


Hoosier Girl said...

Poor SushiBoy!!! I hope he is feeling better soon! And poor Superwoman - you are busy, busy...I hope you RECOVER soon!

Sending prayers and cyber-hugs your way!


Nobody™ said...

Wow, you have been busy! I hope you catch a break soon, and give my best to Sushi.

Tug said...

Oh my gosh - you guys need to catch a break like Nobody said! I hope Sushi is feeling better; I've heard passing kidney stones is PAINFUL.

I hope that you're able to get some rest...take care you 2!

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

And to think that you still were willing to do me a little favor Sunday morning! I had no idea this was going on until I came over Sunday. I felt so bad. Give our best wishes to Sushi. We'll keep you all in our prayers!
Love ya!

groovyoldlady said...

Oooo. Kidney stones. Ugh!!!

Give Sushi a gentle cyber hug from me. And praise God you have some folks/family to help and support you. May God take you in and out of this trial quickly!

Kaycee said...

Oh wow, busy weekend. I hope Sushi is feeling better and you are rested.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Wishing you strength Superwoman, and Sushi well soonest!

Anonymous said...

I can SO relate to the kidney stones. It took me about a month to pass my one stone.

I hope he's feeling better.