Friday, May 8, 2009

Keep 'em comin'

I went to the surgeon the other day to check on my herniated bellybutton (all thanks to my huge babies) and I'll be having surgery on wednesday. So, keep the prayers comin'. Wednesday is Sushi and my nine year anniversary, I guess I get to make sure he spends time with me on our anniversary. I also have a Pampered Chef show on thursday and saturday. I'll be needing a little help with both those shows. My friend Karen is going to be in the town just north of us on Friday and we were going to go to dinner and have some girl time. We may not be able to do that now. Thankfully, my mother plans on coming from wednesday to friday to help out. I'm not supposed to do any weight lifting or core exercises for a month and I'm not supposed to lift tank very much for about three days. The doctor says I'll be feeling pretty much back to normal by the next day. I hope so. I still "get" to take three days easy and a month off of working out. I guess I'll have to be extra vigilant about my body for life diet and btw, I've lost seven lbs in three weeks. WOOT. That is all.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

If you need any days off after your mom leaves, let me know. Our anniversary is Wednesday too. Hope it will be good for you despite the surgery.

Karen said...

It seems fate keeps intervening with our girl time. You'll need to take it easy on Friday, so we'll do it another day I PROMISE! Good luck Wednesday.