Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where have I been?

Well. . . . . my cherry tree exploded. Well, not literally, but with cherries. So, I was picking them last week and begging people to come pick them and take them. And, between yesterday and today I made 120 jars of bing cherry jam. Plus I dried some and made cherry raisins. I'll bet you can't guess what our neighbor and work gifts will be this year?! It is nice to know that this is done for December, I may or may not make zucchini bread like I normally do but we'll see come December. Right now I'm done, everyone is getting a jar of jam and that is it. My whole house is sticky and it was so hot today. But it's done. Now I just need to get the house clean before Saturday for our annual Fourth of July party. We have people come and we provide the meat, buns and drinks. Everyone else brings a salad or dessert and fireworks if they want to and we light them off. It's a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it! My birthday is on the sixth and this is kind of my unoffical birthday party every year. The kids can't wait and tell me "Mom, we light fireworks on your birthday every year right!" They have it mostly right I guess. Well, that is all, I'm going to go take a shower and go to bed. Good night!


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Thanks for the cherries. I made nine jars of jam with a regular recipe, not a spiced one because I wanted to taste how it tastes plain. I like both recipes a lot! I only used half the sherries you gave me for that many, but I'm just going to use the others for something else. Pitting those things drives me crazy!

Happy Birthday and 4th! We'll be out of town, so we can't stop by, but I wish you luck! Have Fun!

FOREVER YOUNGblood said...

Well happy early birthday! How old are ya gonna be?? If you have any more cherries I would LOVE to come pick some. I have two trees full of worms, yes I didn't spray my fault. Also miss ya at the track. I know you are busy so it is ok. I finally pushed myself lastnight. Walked one lap ran four walked one lap ran four more so two miles and yes my thighs are very sore. But I am so proud of myself. I cheered as soon as I was done and my kids just stared at me because I was so loud.

Superwoman said...

lsl- we will! I'm glad you enjoyed them. I need your strawberry jam experiment recipe, it sounds soooo good.

Shandail- I am going to be 32. By the time I get back to the track you'll have far surpassed my ability! However, I did run for 30 minutes today. I'm not sure of the miles, I just go for 45 minutes on the treadmill. And just think, those thighs are going to look fabulous in no time!

Hoosier Girl said...

Happy Birthday early! I just had mine!

When life gives you cherries...make cherry pies!! Ha, ha!


Nobody™ said...

Happy Birthday!!