Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okie dokie, and we're back

Well, the month of craziness has ended, we were officially gone for 16 days in July.

Not even home

yep, not at all.

I'm SOOOOO glad to be home now. I had a fantastic friend who we owe big time who looked out for our yard and garden and made sure we had something besides burned up plants to come home to. We owe her a really nice dinner or something. Probably with vegetables from our garden ;). I went to two family reunions, Lagoon, Arizona and Las Vegas all in the car. That's right folks, no plane tickets here, just a lot of hours in the car. So many in fact that the old portable DVD player died in the middle of the mess. Have no fear though a new one was purchased. That is why our children are still breathing :). I rediscovered that I really don't like hot weather and that I hate what a dirty, horrible town Las Vegas is. (Sorry to all you readers who love it, I just can't believe, and I say this at the risk of sounding horribly prudish, how much women are preyed upon in that town) But, all is well, we are home and school starts in three weeks, I need to do school shopping, get ready to have a busy month with Pampered Chef and just enjoy the remainder of my summer. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow but it's school registration and swimming lessons and the gym tomorrow as well as clean the mess my kids made of the house today while we all relaxed.

Oh, the most important news of the day is that Cakes is 5 years old!!!! Our sweet beautiful girl entered the world five years ago. We got her a littlest pet shop house and she is in heaven. Happy Birthday my sweet beautiful girl, I am so glad to have you for a daughter!


FOREVER YOUNGblood said...

I am glad you are back! I need a running partner. lol I am actually headed off to Vegas right now but for only one day then to the beach here I come!! Happy Birthday to your little one.

Hoosier Girl said...

Happy Birthday Cakes!!!!

Glad you're back!


Karen said...

Glad you are home, I'll have to call you. I feel bad I didn't call on our birthdays like I usually do, but I knew what a crazy month you were having and figured it would be better when you had a minute to talk. Can't wait to see pictures and hear about all your adventures.

bon said...

Welcome home... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAKES!!

Yeah... LV, there is much to love and much to horrify in that city.

Superwoman said...

Shandail- hee hee, I hope I can still run! I did go to the gym this morning, I'm definitely feeling the difference a month has made, you'll probably run in circles around me!

J- I'm so glad to have her! and yes, we are glad to be back too

Karen- no worries, I think I was either running or getting ready to so it's no big deal, how has the no spending gone? Us, yeah, it's been and expensive month.

bon- thanks for the comment! Ya, there is much to love, the kids loved the awesome pool at our casino and the food is always fun. We're considering going down there again in the winter and spending some time for a few days, we'll see, the casino had a theatre, arcade, pool, etc. We could just stay in the casino and stay away from the naked lady pictures. We'll see, now is not the time to think about getting in the car again.

FOREVER YOUNGblood said...

actually it has been awhile since I ran. I have been sick since the 5 k then got better then got the flu and then went on my trip so I am off to run tonight. Can't wait to run with you again!!

Rita said...

I am very happy that you are back now. So its great to see you again.
Happy birthday to your little one.


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