Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time to put up those gates

Well, it's official, as of Monday, October 12th, I have a crawler. It's about time! My kids are always late on their "physical" development. They're late crawlers, walkers, rollers, etc. But I'm really OK with that! But, at 10 months old, Tank was getting a little sick of being stuck in one place. So he's a much happier camper now and I need to vacuum better! I also put a gate around our fireplace and I need to put the gate at the top of our stairs in today. He just gets faster and faster everyday. Here he is in his nine month pictures.

9 month tank


bon said...

Meh... Who gives a flying about the "developmental derby" anyway! Not when ya have a happy boy-o like that anyways!

Matt said...

Congratulations Tank! Once he starts crawling there's no stopping him now. To da moon!

Superwoman said...

Bon- I agree, we always lose the "derby" anyways.

Matt- it's true!