Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resolutions. . . .

Well, it seems to be the time. Everyone else is doin' it so I guess I will too. . . Drumroll please, here are my resolutions for the next year.

1- lose 40 lbs. There is a contest at my gym, it would be wicked cool if I won. I'm already in the process of really getting serious about doing body for life again and I am back at the gym. Take into account that I don't plan on having three surgeries this next year and I'm feeling pretty confident about the whole thing.

2- Become a Pampered Chef director. I know, this sounds the same as last year. Life just hit us upside the head pretty hard this year and so, this was not my best year with Pampered Chef. I have however gained some AWESOME team members who will be such a great asset to my team. I just need to keep it up and keep doing 8 shows a month and I will be there in no time. Hopefully in time for National Conference in July so I can have my "moment" when I get to walk accross the stage as a new director!

3- Pay off debt. I'm not going to say I will pay off all, but a big chunk would be great. This last year added a large amount to our debt and I would really like to see it mostly gone within the next year to a year and a half. We'll see what I can do. I can only run so fast and far.

So, there you are, it's not quite 8 like the super awesome Jodi but it'll have to do! Wish me luck I feel a lot better about this next year, 2010 is going to be my year!!!


Matt said...

Right on, girl. You're going to kick butt this year. Sometimes things come up that get in the way of our goals, believe me, I know. You're doing great because you're still going after them!

--There is no chance, no destiny, no fate,
that can halt or hinder or control
the firm resolve of a determined soul.

Ella Wheeler Cox

ps Your Jam is AMAZING! I'm hording a jar just for myself.

Hoosier Girl said...

Hey, I didn't say I could actually DO all of those, I just said those were 8 areas I wanted to improve. If I did all that, it would be quite a year!

Good list!


Superwoman said...

Ahh, thanks Matt, I'm glad you like the jam and I really appreciate the words of encouragement. So, when are we going to do your show?

Jodi- You're amazing, I'm sure you'll have a great year!

Sushiboy said...

Mmmm Jam,

My resolutions are up!

Nobody™ said...

You only need to make one resolution! "I resolve to be my personal best!" This leads to all the changes you want.

2010 will be fantastic!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

You can do it!

Cut all the unneccessaries (i.e, not ESSENTIAL for living), eat cheaper meals (at home), drink water, reduce your utility bills by being careful (we reduced our electric bill over $170 in a year despite 4 rate increases).

This is especially important when you're dealing with a layoff. Good luck!