Thursday, October 22, 2009


well, like the rest of the country, our family has H1N1, we've all been home at each other's throats, ahem, I mean resting since monday. We're all on tamiflu and the doc has us quarantined until Friday, however, due to Annalee staring tamiflu a day later than the rest of us, I think we'll make that Monday. I don't think it would be very nice of us to go to church on Sunday on the slim chance we'll pass this around more. So, almost done with our boring week, I've gotten to know my netflix account very well and I've decided to do a Pampered Chef booking blitz this week because I can't leave the house! In other news, my herniated bellybutton has been hurting (still) I had surgery for it in May and it's not better so, guess what! I get to have surgery again! Ok, so I'm not real thrilled at the prospect but at least it'll be fixed this time, right?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Glad it's Monday

Do you ever have a weekend where you're glad it's Monday? I did. How was your weekend?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finally the promised pictures of the deck

Well, I have a minute today so you lucky people get TWO posts from me! Here are some pictures of the deck, before and after.

These first few are the deck before, you can see why we needed to sand it down, it was in bad shape. The previous owners put laytex paint over the old stain so the only way to fix it was to sand it down completely, and restain. The sanding took about a month, the staining? A day.

Here are some before pictures

begin 3

This is just a view of the general deck

begin 1

This shows how bad the paint was peeling

begin 2

again, how bad the paint was peeling.

back view beginning

The view from the back yard

wood still good under paint

We were relieved to see that once we sanded down a little bit the wood was still good, we couldn't afford to replace the whole deck.

inbetween railings

There were some parts that were particularly difficult, inbetween these railings was one, the other was the beams underneath which follow this picture.


yep, these were hard.

back after sanding 1

The back after it's all sanded and ready for stain

sanding done 1

The deck all sanded and ready for stain.

back view stain all done

The back all stained

beams stained

The beams all stained

stain all done

The deck all stained, isn't it beautiful!

all done  1

And lastly, me all stained! I was so happy to be done! I am still recovering, I'm starting to feel like I can function again but this was sooo hard, I hope to never had to do this again! Now that it's been done right, I should just have to restain every three to four years and that only takes one day, not a month.

Time to put up those gates

Well, it's official, as of Monday, October 12th, I have a crawler. It's about time! My kids are always late on their "physical" development. They're late crawlers, walkers, rollers, etc. But I'm really OK with that! But, at 10 months old, Tank was getting a little sick of being stuck in one place. So he's a much happier camper now and I need to vacuum better! I also put a gate around our fireplace and I need to put the gate at the top of our stairs in today. He just gets faster and faster everyday. Here he is in his nine month pictures.

9 month tank

Thursday, October 8, 2009

10 years ago today. . . .

Sooo, in a show of how wonderful I am as a wife, here we go. Sushi called me last night ( I was up at my mothers house making homemade butter mints for my little brother's upcoming wedding), and asked me if I had plans for tonight. I told him I didn't think so, why? He said "we should go on a date". "oh, great, that would be fun." I say. My little sister volunteers to babysit the kids and when I get home later I say "tomorrow will be fun, what brought this on?". SUSHI reminds me that 10 years ago tonight we went on our first date. What a great husband to remember all the fantastic details and stuff! What a crappy wife I am that he had to remind me. Seriously, I am so glad to have Sushiboy for a husband, he is so fantastic. He works so hard for us and loves us all so much. Who would have thought at our college homecoming dance that ten years later this is where we would be! Three kids, a house, a minivan, I think we've fallen pretty nicely into the whole "american dream". I am able to be a SAHM, we're able to have a great full time job for Sushiboy, he is able to get an education. We always have enough food on our table, most of our wants and pretty much all of our needs are met. What a great start ten years ago was. I'm so glad he asked me out! This is an old picture from when we blessed Tank in May but it shows how happy we are.