Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ready for winter to be done

I'm reaching the point where I am ready for winter to be over. Every year around the beginning of February I reach this point. I feel the days getting a little warmer (barely, but still a little warmer), and I start looking, searching really, for the little green shoots that come up proving that spring is indeed on the way.

I love LOVE spring flowers, especially crocus, they are the first flowers of spring, there can be snow on the ground and the happy bright crocus is peeking through the ground.

While I am glad for the snow and thankful for 4 distinct seasons, I am ready for winter to end, bring on spring! So, for my friends and neighbors who see me out seaching my flowerbeds for the next six weeks, know this is normal, and I am aware it will be another six weeks, but I just can't help myself!


BigSister said...

I agree so much!!!! I love the seasons, especially spring. I love the flowers to and you have such a lovely yard! Feel hugged.

Hoosier Girl said...

Oh, me too! I like daffodils.


Lesley said...

I am with you! Bring on spring. I am tired of this cold dreary winter!

Superwoman said...

Big sister- thanks! It's taken a lot of work but it's sooo worth it, I guess we get to have a great garden this year as well, that's probably where we will get most our vegetables this coming year.

J- ohhh, me too, they're probably my second favorite, as well as hyacinths. I have lots of daffodils planted as well, yippee! I can't wait!

Lesley- I think your winter has been harder than mine :(