Monday, February 1, 2010

Rough three weeks

It has been a rough three weeks. Sushi got layed off the beginning of this month and things have been stressful. I have tried to increase my Pampered Chef but apparently, everyone else is tight right now because most people are telling me that they want to wait until March or so to do a show. We're hanging in there but this is definitely not my favorite time of life right now. We are fortunate to have a fantastic support system with our church but I only want to ask for whatever we absolutely need. I have considered briefly many things. Should I look for a part time job, will that actually help because I'm afraid all my money will go to daycare with three small children. Should I look for a part time job at night when Sushi is done with school? But then I have to drop Pampered Chef which I really don't want to do. I really like doing Pampered Chef. Should I do shudder daycare. But that opens a whole new can of worms. Liability issues, I'll always be the last one payed, my house will be trashed, who knows what these other kids are bringing into my home (not only sicknesses but also home problems they may have), I lose all my freedom because I'm on someone elses schedule. You get the idea. Sigh, it's only been three weeks but it seems like it has been a year. I know we'll get through this and be better in some way for it but right now I just want it to be over and for Sushi to find some awesome job that will solve all these problems.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I'm extremely sorry! I could tell you were on edge yesterday at church, just by watching you from up where I was, leading the music. I would host another show if I could, but I can't. I don't think you should do Daycare. It would really drive you insane. I'll put on my thinking cap and try to help if I can. (Hugs)

Hoosier Girl said...

I do not think you should look for a part-time job....yet. Give it a little more time.

I will pray for all of you...really, really hard.


Superwoman said...

oh Leslie, I know you would do another show but your house is under contract and I so understand! No worries, you are a great friend and a great support. I appreciate all you and Dave do for us.

J- I am, I just feel so helpless, I'm so used to be self sufficient and just solving the problem, quickly. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands and one of those "in the Lord's time" things. I think those are the hardest things to deal with. My time and the Lord's time are two separate things. I'm not very patient. He is and knows what is best for us.

Nobody™ said...

Well, is hiring. In Cedar Rapids. :(
I know, not helpful...

It takes a special sort of person to do daycare, and by that I mean somebody crazy.

Hang in there. Think of this as an opportunity for Sushi to get a better job, and hopefully things will fall into place while he's looking. And if by some miracle I hear of something, I'll let you know.