Monday, June 21, 2010


A friend of mine asked me to post this to spread the word. So, if you want more info let me know. And no, I wont be going. I kind of feel like "meh, Eclipse".

Eclipse Midnight Show!
Front Two Rows - $11
Main Section - $18


Popcorn and Drink Included in Price

Each ticket comes with one raffle ticket -
we will be raffling off TONS of cool things!
Last year we had teeth whitening, massages, haircuts, photography sessions and lots more!

No Trailers before the Movie - JUST STRAIGHT TO ECLIPSE!!!

June 29th Midnight (enter the theater on the 29th leave the 30th - make sense?) @Thanksgiving Point Theater


Mel said...

how was it?? I cant wait to gooooo

Superwoman said...

oh, I didn't go
I truly have zero interest, and I could have gone for free. I won a free ticket, I told them to draw someone else. I was that disinterested in it. But, I know alot of my friends are soo excited!!! When are you going?