Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pandora's box

Well, now we've done it, we've opened Pandora's box, otherwise known as build a bear workshop. It all started when Cakes was watching saturday morning cartoons this morning. Her birthday is coming up next week and she had gotten $20.00 from Grandma and Grandpa. Que the commercial to prove that marketing DOES work with kids. Build a bear had a commercial about a special they were running, $29.99 for any bear, any outfit and any pair of shoes. Cakes told me that was what she wanted for her birthday present. I thought "holy crap, $30 bucks for a bear?" But, upon asking my friends on facesbook what they thought of the place, I decided that it would only actually cost us $10 because we had the $20 from the grandparents. We also have a tradition of taking the kids to lunch/dinner as a family at the place they choose. She wanted to go to surprise! McDonalds(again, due to a saturday morning cartoon commercial, apparently, they had littlest pet shop toys). So, we decided to make an afternoon of it. We hopped in the car, headed to the mall and entered build a bear. The girl quickly picked a yorkshire terrier and the pinkest, sparkliest outfit and shoes in the place. We got the silly thing stuffed, dressed, and named and as we were naming it, Cookie asked if he could have one too. Sushi and I gulped, looked at the regular price and told him he could have one as long as we put it away for a month until his birthday. He chose a camoflouge bear with a batman costume and soccer cleats. Not sure why the soccer cleats, mabey because he's a 7 year old boy and he thought it was funny, anywho, they would probably be great to fight crime in, they are sharp. So, we walk out of build a bear spending not $10 but $40. But, on the bright side, Cookie's birthday is taken care of already. After that we went to Carls Jr for sushi and I and took the kids to McD's. I always feel a little silly walking into the play place with another places food, but I really, really hate McD's and we do order kids meals for the kids. So, to sum things up, Cakes is thrilled and has not let "fluffy" out of her sight, and Cookie has to wait a month to see "batbear" again but I think they both love their bears. They better for $30! ;)


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I did that for Kylee's B-Day last year. I cannot believe the prices. They're cute, but I have no idea WHY it has to be so darn expensive. It's like it's a real pet or something, and what's even worse is that the people that work there act like that's exactly what you are investing in. We got one of those hearts put in that pumps when you press it, well one day Kylee got her bear soooo dirty that I had to wash it and I was afraid that it would ruin the pumping heart. I asked the people at the store what I should do and they said, very seriously, that they should have a store personel take out the stitching, take out the heart, unstuff the bear, wash it by hand, and then have them restuff it and sew it up. Pssssshhh!! It was like asking for surgery! I rolled my eyes, walked out of there, threw it in the wash at home and it still works fine!

elesa said...

The idea of batman wearing soccer cleats made me laugh right out loud. They WOULD help in crime fighting! Why haven't more super heroes thought of that?

Superwoman said...

Leslie- yeah, I would have done the same thing. That's one of the reasons I like you so much, you're so resourceful!

Elesa- lol, yep, it makes me laugh too, everytime I see bat bear. It's classic Cookie.