Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clean clothes

why is it that no matter what, mothers are not allowed to have clean clothes? Here's a prime example. I was supposed to have a show this afternoon. I do some things around the house in my grubby clothes. They stayed clean. About an hour before I need to leave for my show I hop in the shower, and get my clothes on I was going to wear to the show. I finally get a hold of my host and we reschedule. (Not a huge surprise, I hadn't been able to get a hold of her all week, a very bad sign when the host doesn't call you back) Tank comes down, while I am on the phone he informs me he wants to sit on my lap. I pick him up. He has a sippy cup. . . . with grape soda. (The kid is sick and I just want him drinking all the fluids I can) He proceedes to tip the sippy cup over and pour grape soda all over my newly put on, one of three or four nice outfits. Sigh. I take it off, I'm doing laundry anyways so I just add the shirt to the laundry pile. I was able to salvage the pants I was wearing. Until I went to wash the sheets on our bed. As I am putting bleach in the washer the bleach drips down the side of the bottle and onto my one of two pairs of nice slacks. Sigh. I hurridly strip them off of me and put them in the running washer water. I think the disaster has been averted. I don't see a huge bleach stain on my gray pants yet so I think they'll be fine. But, here I am on outfit #3 (grubbys again) and I haven't left the house. No wonder I don't own nice clothes. The ones I do have seem to have a "ruin me" magnet on them. :)


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

lol! That's too bad! I am sorry. I've done similar things on a regular basis. I know how you feel.

Katie said...

that's the same reason I tend to stay in pajamas all day ... and the fact that they're SO comfy!

Zed said...

Some days it's just not worth getting out of bed, Superwoman. And I agree with Katie. Stay in pajamas until the absolute last minute.

BTW, I just want to tell you that Tank is such an adorable child. I was missing from blogging for three years and so it was wonderful to see, when I came back, that you and Sushiboy had a handsome new member added to your family. Congratulations, and I pray for many blessings for Tank throughout his life.

Superwoman said...

leslie- hee hee, I thought you would get a kick out of this post!

Katie- yep, what I wear most days, but, sometimes I have to get in nice clothes. I can't do a show in PJ's, unfortunately.

Zed- awww, thank you so much! He is truly a joy in our lives. We feel so blessed to have him in our family.