Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall wedding

Tomorrow is my beautiful younger sisters wedding. What does this mean for us? A VERY EARLY morning. I have to be up by about 5:30 so we can all leave my 7:30 at the latest so we can be to the Salt Lake Temple by 9:00am. Oh, but the fun doesn't stop there friends. Then we get to wrestle with three kids through pictures, a luncheon, and a reception. All together now. yeah. I am happy for her, she is truly marrying a very nice guy and she seems very happy. It's just not nearly as fun to go to weddings when you have kids. I dread taking my kids to wedding receptions. But a whole day with expecting my kids to behave well? Nearly impossible. Add to this that my brother already thinks my kids are devil spawn and that I'm "just not tough enough on them" and we are sure to have a super time. Oh well, I love her I'm excited for her. I'm so glad she found a nice guy and will be able to be sealed for all eternity to him. I just need a better attitude STAT. Hopefully a good nights sleep will solve that problem! Off to bed I go.

Update: The wedding was great. The weather was beautiful, my children were not devil spawn, just a little naughty from time to time. The reception was CRAZY, I got put in charge of food so I was running like a crazy lady. I am so thankful for my awesome brothers and sisters who jumped in wherever they were needed. My brother was in good spirits and we actually had some positive interaction with him. The low point of the evening was when I got asked when I was due. I guess all my hard work at the gym isn't really paying off. :( But, it was a beautiful day, beautiful reception, and good family times.


Mel said...

your kids are not devils spawn lol all kids are naughty from time to time.

And the person who asked when u r due? Should be SHOT! or maimed. or slapped.

I love weddings, glad it was a nice day

Hoosier Girl said...

Your children aren't "devil spawn", they are angels.

I'm glad you had a good time!


Superwoman said...

Mel and J- thanks, I think I have pretty good kids, I also have an A-hole brother who thinks they are terrible and I need to be tougher on them. He tells me I "need to break Cookie's spirit and build him back up again". I disagree heartily. If I "broke Cookie's spirit" he would be broken and I couldn't build him back up again. I think it's important for your children to respect you but I NEVER want them to be afraid of me. His kids are afraid of him. I think that is sad. Of course they are very obedient, but at what cost?

As for the person who asked when I was due? I'm trying to let it go. She is a strange person. I am making progress, very, very, slow progress but progress never the less. It's sometimes hard to let it go though, you wonder if other people think the same things and just aren't saying them. :(

GMan said...

thanks for share