Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clean clothes

why is it that no matter what, mothers are not allowed to have clean clothes? Here's a prime example. I was supposed to have a show this afternoon. I do some things around the house in my grubby clothes. They stayed clean. About an hour before I need to leave for my show I hop in the shower, and get my clothes on I was going to wear to the show. I finally get a hold of my host and we reschedule. (Not a huge surprise, I hadn't been able to get a hold of her all week, a very bad sign when the host doesn't call you back) Tank comes down, while I am on the phone he informs me he wants to sit on my lap. I pick him up. He has a sippy cup. . . . with grape soda. (The kid is sick and I just want him drinking all the fluids I can) He proceedes to tip the sippy cup over and pour grape soda all over my newly put on, one of three or four nice outfits. Sigh. I take it off, I'm doing laundry anyways so I just add the shirt to the laundry pile. I was able to salvage the pants I was wearing. Until I went to wash the sheets on our bed. As I am putting bleach in the washer the bleach drips down the side of the bottle and onto my one of two pairs of nice slacks. Sigh. I hurridly strip them off of me and put them in the running washer water. I think the disaster has been averted. I don't see a huge bleach stain on my gray pants yet so I think they'll be fine. But, here I am on outfit #3 (grubbys again) and I haven't left the house. No wonder I don't own nice clothes. The ones I do have seem to have a "ruin me" magnet on them. :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My not so proud moment

Sooo, my ward did it's primary program today. I am the primary chorister. It's also fall break. Our normally small primary (mabey 25 kids come every week, if we're lucky) had about 15 kids there. The kids got up to sing and . . . . . . . even though I was in the second row of the chapel I could NOT hear them. I put my hand to my ear to indicate the kids need to sing louder. I still could barely hear them. Enter my proud moment. I look over at Cookie. You know the oldest of my darling children. He is pulling faces and obviously NOT singing. This is in front of the entire ward. ugh. Top this off with the fact that Sushi had to take Tank out to the foyer because he was being such a monster. I look at cookie and give him "the look". You know, the one that should strike fear into your childrens hearts. He looks at me. . . . . and grins. . . . then continues to pull faces. My blood pressure went up about 20 points. We get through the program and Sushi comes back in and says to cookie "good job buddy" and gives him knuckles. Granted, sushi was not there, he didn't see the faces. I look at him and say "actually, he was quite terrible. I think he may have lost privileges for the day". That time the look worked. Poor sushi says "oh, I'm sorry, I thought I could hear him singing." "Nope, I reply, he was awful". So, the rest of church happens and cookie and cakes rode home with Sushi from church. Sushi gets out of his car when we get home trying his hardest not to laugh. I ask him what happened. He says "I asked cookie about the program. He said he didn't like some of the songs and didn't want to sing them and he couldn't help himself." Heh, I waited to calm down, talked to cookie about it and he has indeed lost video game privileges for the day. He appears to have learned a lesson. Lets see if he can "help himself" next time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cookie's baptism

I need to write down my feelings from yesterday before I forget them. My darling oldest son Cookie was baptised yesterday. What an amazing day and what an amazing kid. We have been teaching him and looking forward to this day for the last eight years. I am so proud of his decision to be baptised. He planned his program and told me who he wanted to speak and who he wanted to have say prayers, and what songs he wanted us to sing for the program. Here was the program

Opening song- When I am baptised
Opening prayer- Grandma F
Talk on baptism- Superwoman

Cookie is baptised by Sushiboy

Talk on the Holy Ghost- Uncle S

Cookie is confirmed by Sushiboy

Closing song- The Holy Ghost
Closing Prayer- Grandpa H

I was so proud of Sushiboy being worthy to be able to baptise and confirm Cookie. I was so impressed by my brother (Uncle S) and his talk on the Holy Ghost. I have always had faith in Uncle S, even through the difficult times he has gone through with substance abuse and some of the decisions he has made when he knows better. I have always seen what an amazing person he is in spite of some of his decisions. His talk on the Holy Ghost brought tears to everyone's eyes. It was so heartfelt and sincere. He warned Cookie that there have been times that he has not been able to feel the Holy Ghost and those were the worst times of his life. He urged Cookie to always strive to be worthy to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. He jokingly said there are not too many things he can remember because he has been hit in the head too many times but he clearly remembers his baptism. I love my brother. I think he is such an amazing person. When he gets married he is going to be an amazing father and husband. His next step is to be an amazing missionary. He is getting closer. Today he is going to be ordained an Elder. I am so proud of him.

I am also so proud of Cookie. What a great boy he is and what a great man he will be. What a wonderful day.

Monday, October 4, 2010


For those of you who are my facebook friends, I posted two video's of Tank talking. I'm not going to post them here as I use real names on the video. So, if you're my friend and you want to see and hear Tank talking, head on over to facesbook.

Friday, October 1, 2010


heh, ghosts from my past that is. On facebook I had some drama a few months ago. Not sure if you remember it so I'll refresh your memory. ;) Here's the background. Before Sushiboy I dated a lot of boys. Thankfully I chose the right one. This is a story about one of the wrong ones. humm, we'll call him running man. Here's the long and short, we were in college, we met at a college dance, and started dating. He was really handsome, short, but handsome. But, a few months into our relationship he suddenly didn't want to sit by me or touch me, or anything like that. We broke up. I moved on. Got engaged to a total idiot who I thankfully didn't marry and when idiot and I got unengaged running man almost immediately got back in touch with me. Apparently, he had been keeping tabs on me. We got back together, but after just a few weeks of dating, he brought up marriage to me. I was not at all looking to get married. I had just ended an engagement for heavens sake. Not at all in my radar. So, this time I broke up with him and I moved on. Met Sushiboy eventually and we have been happily together now for the last eleven years.

About a year or so ago I got a friend request from running man. I hesitated, I thought over it for a few weeks. I'm a little old fashioned in that I believe it's best to be very guarded with members of the opposite sex. You can be friends with them, it's just best not to be "BFF's". I think that is the way a lot of affairs start. Some things you don't share with the opposite sex. I checked his profile and saw he was married which helped me make my decision to allow him to be my friend. I figured if he tried to strike up some kind of close friendship I would just unfriend him. I really had no interest in him or in his life. But, I didn't want to be a jerk either so I accepted his friendship.

Fast forward to about 6 months ago. One day, I go to check my facebook page. I see a message from someone I don't know. Cautiously, I opened it. It was some woman chewing me out for being "rude". Confused, I replied. "I'm not really sure who you are and how I was rude but whatever I did I apologize." She then told me she had told her husband (running man) to talk to me and that I had told him to leave me alone. I told her that I had never talked to her husband and perhaps she had me confused with someone else. She then told me I needed to get over myself because I was not all that and that I lost a great man and I was a total loser. Confused again I told her I promise I never chatted with your husband, I've never said I was all that and mabey one of my kids was on my profile. I tell them not to talk to people if chat's come up. She then told me "whatever, you know what you did and don't worry he "unfriended" you anyways, you're not worth his time." Of course I was HEARTBROKEN (sarcasm) over him unfriending me. But, to avoid future chewing out I thought I better ask my kids if something had happened. hee hee. Here's what happened. Running man tried to chat with me. Cookie replied "can't I be alone?". And running man and his wife went into a tissy. I told her what had happened, told him what had happened because I figured with a wife like that she wouldn't tell him what had happened. And that has become my cautionary tale about facebook.

Today, he again asked to be my friend. I think this falls into the "not only no, but hell no" category. I don't need the drama, I don't need to be abused and called names by his wife if I accidently "hurt his feelbads", and I really want nothing to do with him.

Here's my question to you, what do you think? Am I making the right decision? Because I think some ghosts are better left buried.