Friday, March 25, 2011


What a day today has been. It's been a roller coaster. I started off the day feeling overwhelmed, my house is soo dirty and we were having dinner guests tonight. I knew I needed to clean like crazy to be ready for them so I canceled my time at the gym. I started cleaning, and getting food ready to cook when I got a phone call. Our dinner guests had to cancel because their son had a fever. bummer. So, I lost all motivation to clean the house. whoops! We have had a rough month, earlier this month Sushi looked like he got two paychecks. I told him to check with his work and tell them they messed up. Turns out he gets a length of service bonus. We got told by his work that the extra paycheck was legit. So, we splurged a bit. Bear in mind, we NEVER would have spent the money had we known what would happen next. The next day our account was majorly overdrawn with 400 worth of stuff still left to go through. Turns out, there was a bank error, the contact at Sushi's work was too lazy to actually call payroll and just guessed that the "extra" paycheck was actually legit when it in fact wasn't. I was/am a little upset because we did all the "right" things and we still got screwed. So, I had to call my bank, stop payment on my mortgage, and transfer money from savings to checking to cover the crazy amount of stuff that was still going to be going through our account. As a consequence of this our mortgage was paid late this month. Because we didn't have the extra to cover all the extra crap. we have been extra squeaky tight this month because of this. Oh sure, we did our taxes and we are expecting a refund but it's not here yet. Today our manna arrived. The kids and I picked up the mail and in it there was a manila envelope. Cookie asked if he could open it, I told him sure, whatever. He opened it and said "Wow! Mom, there are $100 bills in here!" In shock I said what? let me see that. Sure enough, in a plain manila padded envelope with no return address, no post stamp and our address and a message printed on a printer was $1000. I have no idea who sent it to us, I have no way of knowing or finding out. All I know is that I feel incredibly blessed. That is a huge amount of money in my world. I'm shocked, I started crying like a baby. For those of you who know me you know I've very stoic and I hardly ever cry. For the rest of the afternoon whenever I thought about this I would start crying. This is literally something that will allow us to be able to pay our mortgage in April. I wish I knew who to thank. However, whoever did this probably also knows I'm very proud and even though we so badly needed this money I never would have accepted this had they written me a check or put their name on it, I would have said it was too much and too generous. So, I am thanking our angel in the only way I know how, I'm telling everyone how blessed we are in the hopes that whoever did this will know how incredibly grateful we are. Thank you so so so much, you have no idea what an answer to prayers this is. I literally feel as though we have been given manna from heaven. The windows of heaven were opened for us today.


familytreejunkie said...

that situation sounds like something that would happen to me, as well. There are such good people out there and giving something without you knowing who gave it is wonderful.

I know you and Sushi will enjoy the blessing.

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

That is so wonderful! You did all the "right" things and you had faith things would still work out. Well, they did! Heavenly Father blesses those who have done what they can, but still need more. Thanks for sharing. This is very inspirational.

Hoosier Girl said...

OMG, that's amazing. Something like that happened to me about 6 or 7 years ago at Christmas. I got an anonymous card with a $200 Walmart gift card in it. $200 is a lot when that was practically all I had for presents that year!

God is blessing you!