Thursday, August 18, 2011

Got it

Well, I got the job, I had an interview on Monday. Which was followed immediately by a second interview and a job offer on the spot (about an hour after I got there). Providing I pass the background check and the drug test (which I'm losing sleep over, hee hee) I'll be working next week. The pay isn't awesome but the schedule works for me, I'll be working three nights a week (part time) so that will help with the bills. My calendar is filling up for September and October shows for Pampered Chef so it'll be a busy month! But, I'm hoping between the two jobs I'll be able to bring in about $2000/mo extra which will help tremendously. Even if I only do this through Christmas it ought to help a ton. I've been working with the kids and Sushiboy on teaching them how to take care of things around here because I'm gonna need some help. But, here we go. Off on a long, hard journey that will hopefully end with us doing much much better financially.

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