Monday, February 25, 2008

Finally a settlement we can live with!

Yeah!!! Hooray!!! Today was a good monday. Sushiboy went back to work for a half day (he hasn't been in to work for the last two weeks because he has been so sick), we finally got a settlement we could live with (it still was a tad low but we didn't want to drag this out for another 6 months over $500) and things are starting to get back on track. I thought I might post a few pictures of my poor Honda, here goes. . .

notice how the whole car frame is bent around the impact site, I think the guy who hit me was going faster than 20 mph. (that's how fast he said he was going)

The windshied cracked but didn't break due to the frame being bent around.
It makes me sad to see such a bad ending for such a great car but there is nothing I can do about it and now sushiboy and I have a minivan to replace the little honda. At least the kids have some space now. The person in the pictures is sushiboy's sister (aka bigsister) who was kind enough to take our nice MP3 playing radio out and put the old factory honda radio back in. She is a great help to our family, I have a wonderful sister and brother-in-law.


Mel said...

ouch!! I agree he HAD to be going faster than 20!

Its so sad, I get attached to cars, I still have my Neon even though we replaced it a year ago and took the insurance off. I cant bring myself to sell it. I will probably give to my daughter But I want to be fair and I have 2 kids and only 1 car to give.

You do have a great family!

Big Sister said...

Thanks for the e-mail and the neat ref to me and D. Your blog is way cool lookin'! You'll have to teach me how to do it to. I don't have a whole lot to write about but it would be fun to know how to do. Big Sister needs a blog of her own I guess. I'm so silly. Love you tons and I hope you are going great..
I think you're awesome too and I'm so glad that you are part of my family. I couldn't have a better friend than you and you help me so much too.

Karen said...

So glad to hear the good news! It is sad to see your Honda like that, you have had that car the whole time I have known you!

Superwoman said...

mel- we were thinking this could be the car the kids drove when they got into high school. . I guess that won't happen now.

bigsister- we love you too!

karen- I know, we got that car the december after we got married which is when I think we became friends. so sad, (not the friends part) the end of an era.

Tug said...

From the looks of the car, I'd say WAY they were only doing 20! Glad the settlement is coming - my daughter LOVED the minivan (and she's not a minivan person) for all the space!

How are you feeling?

Fantastagirl said...

Enjoy the mini-van - the space will be amazing!

Glad you were able to reach a settlement, hope you are feeling better.

Superwoman said...

I'm feeling better because of physical therapy, it seems to be going well and I think it's because I was in good shape. A lot of the exercises are ab exercises I did at the gym. So, every day gets a little better and life gets more on track every day. Thank you for asking!

"that girl" said...

insurance companies and car dealers ... crooks ... all of them!!