Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Bellies

Well, sadly, the belly has popped out quite a bit within the last week. So, you kind of get a smaller belly picture. The person in the picture who looks ready to deliver is my little sister. She was here for a week from Michigan where her husband is going to law school. I think she is crazy to be flying when she has five weeks until she is due and she starts feeling a lot of pressure when she picks up her 18 month old. But she had a wedding to be to so she came. Nice of her, I would have said I couldn't make it. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to get pictures of my 2 1/2 month pregnant belly and her almost 30 week pregnant belly. How often are you pregnant the same time as your sister? As a side note, my older sister is also pregnant. That's right, Mom and Dad get 3 new grandbabies this year. They're pretty excited. Enjoy the pics!




Cheer34 said...

You two look great! I wish maternity clothes were as stylish in the 80's as they are now.

Mazel Tov! to you and your sisters

licorice stick lady said...

you don't look like you're pregnant yet, Amberlee. I still think you look great! Fun to have sisters pregnant together!

"that girl" said...

wow ... that's cool to be pregnant with your sisters!!

bon said...

BAH! Am twelve weeks and I look seven months... will be heartily sick of my maternity wear by the end of the year!

You on the other hand look beautiful, is this fair? I think not.