Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Unspectacular quirks

Sushiboy tagged me so here goes, it’s good, I have great news to blog about but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, until then, enjoy!

6 unspectacular quirks

1- I use a lot of bleach in my white laundry, I grew up in a house where my mother would soak the whites in biz, scrub them with a washboard (like the ones you see in little house on the prairie or something), soak them in bleach, then wash them in bleach in the washing machine with the load. I have considerably toned this ritual down and I use about a cup of bleach in the washing machine in the load whenever I do whites, I just really hate dingy whites. I have been known to wash them again to get them white enough.
2- I love to have a beautiful yard and have to remind myself constantly that other people don’t like to garden. It truly is hard for me to understand how people can be fine with a yard full of weeds and no flowers. (I’m not saying this to judge and I don’t, I just have to remind myself that not everyone likes to garden)
3- The two jobs I hate most in this world are laundry and dishes, I feel like they are never ending. You just get done and there is more waiting for you. If sushiboy and I ever become independently wealthy we will have a maid to to the laundry and dishes.
4- I never want to live in a huge house. The house we live in is great, I could handle a little more room, mabey up to 2500 sq ft. but I have never had a desire to have a gigantic house. It just looks like a lot of work and such a waste of money to me. I can’t watch shows that show huge houses off, it makes me angry and I usually walk away muttering “so much good could be done with the money they spent on that house, what a waste” . This again is not to say we shouldn’t live comfortably but I feel like why do we need huge houses?
5- I use cloth diapers when we have babies. People think I’m crazy, I feel like it’s my own little small thing I can do to save the planet. When I think of all the disposable diapers going to landfills it makes me sick. Our landfills are becoming sewers. I do use disposables but rarely. I understand they are so much more convenient and stuff, just a personal choice I’ve made.
6- If my house is dirty I can’t think, I seriously shut down, nothing gets done until my life is in order again. I’m not nearly as bad as my friend Karen though, she puts me to shame, her house is always immaculate, I always clean extra when I know she is coming!

Man, I sound like a snob! I’m really not. . . I think! I think this has gone the rounds so I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this that hasn’t yet. This one made me think, I’m not used to thinking about myself, I usually think about everything but myself. Enjoy learning about some quirks I have!


Teri said...

those werent't too bad. I don't think you're a snob.

I'm with you on the big house issue. I don't understand when folks need McMansions to live in.

Tug said...

I look at those big houses & think "look how much there is to clean"..."wonder what their utility bills are"...hee.

Mel said...

I had a big house before, and there is no way possible for one person to keep it clean. Its when my kids were little too, I'd clean the upstairs they would be downstairs trashing and vice versa. Never again, unless i can get a maid.

Karen said...

I'm not perfectly clean - you should surprise me sometime, then you'd see how we really live. :)

By the way, it was so fun at PF Changs the other night. Thanks for making time to come and hang out with me, even though it was a little crazy with my extra friends and your kids.

Cheer34 said...

I have a really large house..not my choice G man insisted. He has his office in the "in-law" suite, and ahs 3 employees that use the space as well...it does save us thousands of $ a year...the utility bills are out of control...cleaning took me 5 hours on saturdays....not including the kids room and bathrooms...thankfully my sister inlaw cleans our house for me now...maitianing it is a big exspense too...repairmen think they can over charge just because it is big...until they meet G man that is...with 5 dogs my house is always dirty and messy ...I love gardening but can't because the dogs rip up everything...I could go on and on but will not bore you anymore with my complaining....I am thankful for what I have, even if it is too much

Superwoman said...

teri/tug- amen

mel- I have a hard enough time keeping my 2100 sq ft house clean

karen- now you know my secret! I kind of panic when I know you're coming and the house isn't clean!! Mabey I should surprise you and then we could both relax!

cheer- it sounds like you have good reason to have a big house, I hope I diddn't sound judgemental, I just choose a smaller house, mabey if I ran a business with employees etc. from my house I would need a bigger one. I'm glad I get you to read about my boring life.