Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indiana Jones

Well, today I am going to see Indiana Jones with Sushiboy and his work. It should be fun, we'll see. I'll write you a review when I get home. Of course the best part of this whole thing is that the kids are going to a sitters!!! Yeah!!! I'm free! I'm free! At least for a few hours then I'll really be missing them.


Scarlet said...

I hope you enjoy the movie. Will await your review.

Oh, does this mean you have the right to drag him to see Sex and the City?

Do you go by the rule of "See a guys movie then a chick flick"?

Superwoman said...

scarlet- lol! I never liked sex in the city so no, I usually don't do the rule so I guess he gets off easy, if I want to see a chick flick, I just go see it with a friend or rent it. He doesn't make me see crappy man movies so I don't make him see chick flicks. Besides, he likes a lot of chick flick already. It usually surprises me.