Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I need a vacation

I'm tired, I think everything is catching up with me. I need to learn spanish. That is all.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Finally a settlement we can live with!

Yeah!!! Hooray!!! Today was a good monday. Sushiboy went back to work for a half day (he hasn't been in to work for the last two weeks because he has been so sick), we finally got a settlement we could live with (it still was a tad low but we didn't want to drag this out for another 6 months over $500) and things are starting to get back on track. I thought I might post a few pictures of my poor Honda, here goes. . .

notice how the whole car frame is bent around the impact site, I think the guy who hit me was going faster than 20 mph. (that's how fast he said he was going)

The windshied cracked but didn't break due to the frame being bent around.
It makes me sad to see such a bad ending for such a great car but there is nothing I can do about it and now sushiboy and I have a minivan to replace the little honda. At least the kids have some space now. The person in the pictures is sushiboy's sister (aka bigsister) who was kind enough to take our nice MP3 playing radio out and put the old factory honda radio back in. She is a great help to our family, I have a wonderful sister and brother-in-law.

Friday, February 22, 2008

kids, a dog and a bird

Well, true to my word, here are a few happy pics and a happy post.

I thought that I would show some recent pics of the kids and also some pics of the pets. This first pic is of Cakes who is 3, she is so fun right now, I just crack up with the things she comes up with. Lately she will just walk up to you, give you a huge hug and a kiss and say "I love you too Mommy" I just love when she is happy!


Next we have a picture of Cookiemonster who is 5 I can't believe how big he is getting. He has lost all the baby face and is now just a little boy, he has recently had an ear and throat infection and has been especially snuggly. This is unusual because even as a baby he would push you away when you tried to snuggle with him. He is a sweet good boy who really tries to be a good brother and son. I am proud to have him for my son and tell him that all the time.


Here is a great picture of the two kids together

cookiemonster and cakes

This is our new family picture, if you've ever wondered what the susiboy family looks like, here it is!


Lastly we have some pics of the pets. There is Baby the parrot and Jewel the black lab/shepherd mix I love Jewel's curly tail, she looks a little sad but it was raining when I took these pics. She is such a happy fun dog, now, if we could get her to stop charging and jumping on the kids. . .

Baby is a crack up, mabey one of these days I'll get some video of her talking, she has my laugh down perfectly which makes me self conscious. But she has been so much fun!




Well, there you go! Enjoy getting a look at my great family, I'm so glad I have them!

GEICO sucks

There has been some question as to why sushiboy and I are so mad at Geico, allow me to enlighten you. We'll start at the very beginning. When I got hit I declined an ambulance and a trip to the hospital, I said I would go the next day. That night as I was laying in bed in pain I received a call from someone who kept saying "why didn't you go to the hospital if you're hurting, etc, etc." I should have know how the rest of this would go from there. Next I continued to receive calls from people wanting to know how "I was doing" who would then proceed to get after me about one thing or another or want me to do or say one thing or another. Enter their adjustor. He takes a week to even get in touch with me and promptly without looking at the car declared it totaled. I'm sure he looked at it afterwards but the notes on the account say the car was listed as totaled after he spoke to me and he said he would not be able to look at it for a few more days. Wait another week, I call him to see what is going on, he tells me he can't find my claim number so he can't help me, I give him my claim number and a few more days pass, FINALLY, he calls me with some numbers. I immediatly suspect they are a little low and tell him that I won't agree to anything without doing some research myself. I do my research and discover that in the whole United States there are only 15 Honda Accord wagons for sale and they pretty consistenly fall within the range of two thousand more dollars than they are offering me. I'm pretty sure that since I have tried to be nice through this whole thing that they are trying to low ball me and take advantage of me because I'm a woman. Which is a whole other post in and of itself, that just makes me angry when people do that. So, I get on a three way call with my agent and we call the adjustor and tell him that we don't think the numbers are fair, they need to pay us what we could get if I sold the car tomorrow. He promptly blows us off. My agent calls one of her adjustors and sight unseen he says they should be offering me what I am asking for simply based on the type of car and the mileage. So I try to call the adjustor to tell him what they have said and now he won't answer his phone, (he has done this a lot, just won't answer when I call) so I call his supervisor and his supervisor proceeds to tell me that I can email my research to them but they won't look at numbers that are out of state because the cost of living is different. So, I email the numbers and it has been 4 days and we still haven't heard back. Sushiboy is going to call them today and hopefully they will listen because he is a man. Apparently I am stupid and don't know what I am talking about because I am a woman. GURR, this whole thing has been such a nightmare, I just want it to end so we can move on with our lives. We may end up going through our agent and paying our deductable so we can get the right amount of money and then they will go after Geico. We will get our deductable and our rates won't go up it will just take longer. I am seriously about ready to call a lawyer because I am so fed up. I am not a sue-happy person but this is rediculous. So, there is my drama with Geico, sorry this hasn't been a happy post, I would like to figure out how to post pictures so you can see my poor car . Mabey next time and mabey next time I'll have some fun things to say too. Cakes has been especially cute lately and so has cookiemonster.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here we go. . .

so I'm not exactly sure of why you are all so interested in my life but here goes. After much pushing here we go. I thought I should first introduce myself and my family. My family consists of sushiboy (my wonderful husband who has named me superwoman, I just think it's wonderful he thinks I'm superwoman), cookiemonster our five year old son and cakes our three year old daughter, as well as baby our blue fronted amazon parrot and jewel our black lab/shepherd dog. Sushiboy is wonderful and I appreciate all he does for us, he goes to school, and works full time so I am able to stay home with our children. I do Pampered Chef, so drop me a line if you ever need anything, I also do EVERYTHING else. I do the yardwork, clean the house, take care of the pets and kids, run all the errands, etc, etc, etc, you get the picture. Anyone who thinks a SAHM doesn't do anything is stupid. That is not to say I envy working mothers. I don't know how they do both full time jobs and survive. Cookiemonster and cakes are both in preschool and love it, right now their jobs are to learn and be kids, I don't want to rob them of any of this precious short time they have to be kids. Well, for now that should do. Tune in next time to hear about how crappy GEICO insurance is and how they want to rip us off! It should be exciting.