Monday, August 3, 2009

Tank and the eye appointment

Tank has had a clogged tear duct since he was born. SOOO, tomorrow he has a doctors appointment with the pediatric opthomologist and we'll see what they recommend.

I feel excited and anxious.

Excited because finally mabey he can have the darn thing fixed, he constantly has an infection in it, I put drops in it and it gets better for a day or so and then it's infected again. That can't be good for the little guy. Besides he hates the drops, he just crys and crys when I put them in and the little smartie is getting pretty good at squinting and turning so the drops don't end up in his eye. It's delightful.

Anxious because this will probably entail surgery (they put a tube in the duct to help it drain) and my poor baby will probably end up with a black eye and in a lot of pain. That is really hard for me to handle.

However, our deductable has been met twice this year so now is better than waiting until next year. I know all will turn out fine and as it should but, oh, my heart aches at what my poor sweet baby will have to go through. I'll try to update tomorrow after the doctors appointment.


bon said...

Yeah... Birdie had one of those, but not nearly so bad (she never got eye infections, it was just in a constant state of tearing) as Tanks. The doc just had me squirt her eye with BM every time she nursed, and then massage the eye. Went away after her first year... ish. Still, every time she catches a cold it's THAT eye that waters and gets red rimmed first.

You are right to do something about it now though. My cuz has one of those eyes as an adult, and there is practically nothing to be done about it now, has to be done as infants or you lose your window of opportunity.

Kaycee said...

Poor guy! Surgery is probably the best thing though. It's hard to watch them go through a procedure like that. Let us know how it goes, I'll be thinking about you.

Rita said...

We should keep our eye safe and healty. Surgery make it fit and it needed when eye suffers very seriously.


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