Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Eye Appointment Update

Well, looks like sometime in the next few weeks Tank will be having surgery on his tear duct. The doctor told me they will put in under for about one minute, put something that looks like a long paper clip into his tear duct, poke a hole through to his nose, clean him up, and he's done. He said there would be a few bloody tears but he probably wouldn't even know anything had happened. I'm glad to hear this. I really didn't want my sweetie in pain. Especially since he isn't able to understand or cope very well. So, we have an exciting few weeks with school starting and Tank having surgery all within the next few weeks. Yippee.


Lisita said...

Phew, so glad to hear it will be low key.

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

It will all turn out okay. Tis the life with kids and being a parent. Life throws lots and lots of curve ball whether you're ready or not.

Scarlet said...

eeeek, thanks for the details.

Thoughts are with you and Tank.

Anonymous said...

Hey life is amazing first this life is with kids and then being a parent.


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