Friday, August 28, 2009


I started sanding down the deck to restain it wednesday. Yesterday in all my craziness, cakes told me she didn't feel good and I gave her some ibuprofen and didn't think anything more of it. Today, I sanded and sanded, and cakes was grumpy all day, she was crying when she woke up, and said her throat hurt. But Cakes has a bad habit of being a bit of a hypocondriac so I don't leap everytime she says she doesn't feel well. Today when she got back from school she was crying and told me she wanted to go to bed. So I let her. Then I went and sanded some more. Sushi came home and she said she wanted a drink of juice, he gave her some and she promptly threw up. At this point I figured, ok, I guess she's really sick and felt her head and she was running a fever. So sushi gave her a bath and I took her to the instacare, (yep, in all my sanding all day glory, it was very nice ;)). When we got there, they did a strep test, it was negative, and the doctor noticed her tummy was very tender when he checked it. So we did a urine test. The poor girl has a kidney infection! I feel so bad! Here I am ignoring her and she has a kidney infection! Add to this her many medication allergies and there are about two very had to find medications she can take. I had to call a whole bunch of pharmacies to find one that carried her medication. The doctor told me that this is VERY serious and if she is not improving within 24 hours I am to take her to the ER and the Hospital needs to put her on an IV with the stronger meds. Sooo, our plans tonight of going to the wind festival? canceled. My guilt factor, not at all canceled. If fact I think it doubled.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Oh my goodness! The poor girl! I will keep you all in my prayers. hang in there.

BTW, is the sander working okay for you? When I told Dave what you were doing, he said, "She needs a belt sander for that job...I'm not kidding!" It might save you a lot of time. I'd bet mister handy-man *Blake would have one (*bishopric).

Good luck.

Kaycee said...

Don't feel too bad, I've done this before. Mine was sick with pneumonia, not a bladder infection and I felt horrible after we got the diagnosis.

Scarlet said...

Don't feel guilty. It must've been hard to see out of that sanding dust cloud you were in? lol like Pigpen on those Charlie Brown cartoons.