Sunday, August 1, 2010

Plastic Surgery

If you could have any plastic surgery in the world, what would you choose? I would get a tummy tuck. As much as I love my children and I am so glad I have them, three C-sections has NOT been nice to my stomach. I used to have a six pack people! Now I have a pouch. A pouch that no amount of working out will get rid of. I did not inherit the gene where you have a tiny tummy, walk into the hospital, have a darling 7 lb baby, and walk out in your prepregnancy jeans. I inherited the genes where I gain 45 lbs and look like I have a giant protuberance sticking out of my stomach, have a 9-9.10 lb baby, and have to work like a crazy lady for the next 2-3 years to lose the 45 lbs I gained. So, if we had enough money and I didn't feel bad about the complete waste that it was, I would get a tummy tuck. How about you?


Katie said...

I'd get the tummy tuck + a little lipo ... I too just had my 10 lb. baby and c-section(I never got this stretched out with the other 2!). I'd have to disagree about it being a waste of money though - I think anything that makes you feel better about yourself is worth the moola! If mine doesn't get any better in the next couple years I'm totally going for it! I don't want to live the rest of my life with this "bread dough" attached to my stomach! ;)

Superwoman said...

lol, well put Katie!

Hoosier Girl said...

I would do the tummy tuck. Definitely.