Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sushi's work party

What a great party! We had so much fun. It has been so long since we went on an actual date. No kids, we got dressed up, enjoyed great food and great company. His work party this year was at the Zermatt Resort in Midway. What a beautiful place! I was telling him this would be a fun place to live and spend lots of money. ;) We had an awesome dinner then his work had made teams from all the departments and they played minute to win it and it was hilarious. Sushi's dept won and Sushi won his event so we made off like bandits. He won a gift basket that had tickets to the Hale Centre Theatre and a gift card to a new restaurant and a whole lot of candy. Stocking stuffers are now done. He also won a $40 GC to Texas roadhouse. So, the way we see it is that we won two more dates!
The greatest part of this weekend though is that the kids ended up staying the night with family because we knew it was going to be such a late night and I have my Pampered Chef Team Party tonight. So, I slept in until. . . . are you ready for this. . . . . haven't done this since I was single. . . . . 11am. Yes. 11AM. I'm always up by 7am at the latest. I really needed the sleep though. I have been battling a terrible cold all week. For the first time in 9 days I woke up with out a sore throat today. I'm a little stuffy and congested but I feel a whole lot better than I did.
The rest of the afternoon is kind of a bummer. Because I have been sitting in bed for the last three days my house is trashed. filthy. disgusting. I would say I can't believe I let it get this bad but that is not true. Letting an 8,6 and 2 year old run wild for 3 days will do this to anyones house. So, while I had plans originally of working on Cake's stocking, looks like those plans have changed to clean the freakin' pig pen. I'll work on the stocking after church tomorrow. :)
This evening ought to be fun though. We are going to take some product to a customer, go to costco and get nuts and a bag of candy for stockings, and then go to my Pampered Chef Team Party. More good food and great company! After that the fairy tale ends and we have to go pick up our kids.
How was your weekend?


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

It sounds like just what you needed. Some time alone to recoop from being sick and to spend with your sweetheart. Don't you love those tender mercies of time the Lord throws your way sometimes. Glad you enjoyed yourself. :) Merry Christmas to you!

Mel said...

wow sounds like a great time! well except for the cold. And u are too hard on yourself, I couldnt keep up with my house when my kids were little and i only had 2!! :)

Awesome prizes too!! My work gave us lunch and itunes gift cards lol

bon said...

Heh... ahem. You described the chaos that is my house, and I haven't even been SICK!

Superwoman said...

Leslie- it was exactly what we needed. Too bad we were both so sick!

Mel- you are sweet, I probably do expect too much of myself but I come from a long line of women who expect too much of themselves so I was doomed from the start. ;) And I think lunch and itunes cards would be awesome. The only reason we got the awesome stuff is because Eric won. No one else got that stuff!

Bon- you are awesome. I love how graceful you are when I just drop in and you let me visit. What an amazing lady you are! I stress when people just drop in, I'm sure they can sense it.