Thursday, December 30, 2010

Terrible nightmare.

It's 4:45am. I just woke up from a terrible, vivid nightmare. My kids and I were on our way home from a visit to Mexico, Sushi wasn't with us. We stopped at the border, there was a terrible border agent who was ripping my car apart and generally causing problems. I was forced to go inside the agents building and when I came out, my van and my kids were gone. Gone. From there on out it just got more terrifying. The kidnappers kept taunting me with 2 dozen red roses and notes where they were obviously tracking down the rest of my family. The local help wouldn't do anything and I was stuck on the mexico side because now I didn't have any of my paperwork. I couldn't even get to the US side to ask for their help. It was horrible. It was vivid. I remember the buildings, the freeway, the color of the red, red roses, the green grass. I now know two things. One, I will never, ever go to mexico and Two, I never should have read that terrible article about Juarez Mexico and how it is a dying town.


FOREVER YOUNGblood said...

I absolutely HATE nightmares. I hate them so bad. The ones that are so real are the worst. Good luck and I too will never go to mexico. Also I don't have dinners coming but I am doing ok. My husband has been helping me. Thank you for offering.

bon said...

A dying town, huh? That's too bad. It's always been dangerous, but back in the day we called a visit there "going to Wazoo." Used to be pretty darn fun.

Superwoman said...

Shandail- well, if your husband is not around and you need something I'm only a phone call away. :)

Bon- Yeah, the article mentioned that it used to be an awesome place to go to. Now the drug cartels have taken over and people are fleeing as fast as they can. There were 2000 murders there last year making it one of the most dangerous places on earth. Like I said, terrifying stuff, shouldn't have read about it.