Friday, February 18, 2011

A Bit of a personal question-updated

I want to ask some advice from some of you but it's a bit of a personal question. I think I am having ovarian cysts. Has anyone ever dealt with this? I would swear I'm pregant, I have all the symptoms, nausea, tired, soreness, all that. But, I know I'm not. I haven't missed a period, in fact they seem to drag out a little longer than normal. I've been sore and tender on my right side, so much so that I had to take 800 mg of ibuprofen to make it through the day on wednesday. It's just a constant dull, painful ache, in the same place. The pain seems to be worse the week after my period ends. I've looked it up, cysts fit the symptoms. Sigh. I'll probably head to the Dr's here soon. I called Sushi's insurance and asked them to send us some cards and info on our plan. The fact I had to call them is a post for another day. So, any experience? Words of wisdom? Anything to help?

Updated- just back from the Dr's. sigh. No answers and just lots of not good guesses. I've never been so strongly urged to go on birth control and so strongly challenged on whether or not I should have more kids. Too bad we want to add to our family. I'm a puzzle. I don't fit into any diagnosis. They are guessing, either Endometriosis or PCOS again. Because delving into endometriosis is such a costly affair we are going after the PCOS thing. They have put me on metformin again. It was nice to hear that no, I'm not crazy. I work out an hour and a half a day five days a week and I eat healthy but I can't lose weight. She agreed that with as much as I'm doing I should just be able to shed weight right and left. sigh. We'll see how the metformin goes. The good news is it doesn't look at all like cysts. I'm a little sad and a little defeated. A day to think and ponder will do me some good.


bon said...

A few months ago I thought FOR SURE I had 'em... all of the symptoms you describe. Had an ultrasound and it turns out that I was just not clearing everything out during my monthlies. Howzat for personal!??

The doc had me take a short course of some sort of something that made sure I cleared it out during my next go 'round, and it's been fine ever since. Hope it's something that simple for YOU!

Superwoman said...

Bon- thanks for your help! I actually have an appointment on Monday I was surprised at how quickly they got me in. They asked if I was having any troubles and they suddenly had openings. So, we'll see what is going on then. I am extremely dizzy and nauseaus today so, it'll be good to figure out what is going on.

Writing Jules said...

It's great to hear you're trying to get pregnant. I'd like to, too, but it's that whole 'are we really ready?' thing from the husband again. Plus, I don't think I'm ovulating now because of my thyroid problems... My body was always very stable and things have just been so crazy/off lately. I'm trying not to be concerned.
With any luck (and some blessings) we might be pregnant at the same time again. Wouldn't that be nice?