Saturday, February 5, 2011

A DATE!!!!

It's a very rare occurance here at the sushi boy household. But, because sushiboy was so awesome at his company christmas party we won some gift certificates. I'm so excited I can't stand it. We're going to go see "The Foreigner" here at a local play house and then we're going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Now I just need to get the house picked up so that sushi's sister and brother in law who graciously agreed to babysit don't think we're total slobs. :P Oh, and I need to make myself look pretty, that takes some time. I'm not what you call a natural beauty. It takes a little work here! :) I'll update later about how it was!

Update: What a night! We went and saw "The Foreigner", it was hilarious! We laughed to hard! After that we were planning on going to Texas Roadhouse but when we got there at 5:30 there was an HOUR AND A HALF wait. We were hungry, Peanuts just weren't going to tide us over. :) So, I had brought our other gift cards we had gotten and we decided to go try La Jolla Groves. We called over there and there was NO WAIT. It was awesome. Our friend put it this way "I forgot it was winter for a minute!" I did too. The ambiance was wonderful. They had these fake lemon trees covering the ceiling everywhere so it felt like we were eating in a lemon grove. The food! Oh! The food! They pride themselves on using local produce and only vine ripened tomatoes. I don't know how they did it but they were fabulous. It made me wish it was July and I could go eat tomatoes out of my garden. My mouth literally starts watering when I think about it. They served these fantastic rolls- some were a honey white, honey wheat, pesto and sundried tomatoe. Our table literally ate three bowls of them. They were awesome. We got a caprese salad that was so so so good for an appetizer and then Sushi got a fantastic steak sandwich ( I even had a bite and it was good, that's saying something, I don't care for beef. It had a fabulous balsalmic vinegar flavor to it) and I got some awesome chicken marsala. I have a major weakness for chicken marsala. This was fantastic. It was served on a slice of potatoes au-gratin but these are NOT your mother's au-gratin potatoes. I think they had marsapone cheese. They were so good. There was also some fantastic pan fried butternut squash. On our way out we decided to visit the little sweet shop they had in the restaurant. They sell those fabulous rolls and everything in the dessert display was 50% off so we got two slices of turtle cheesecake to share with my sister in law and brother in law. So fun, it was a very long, well needed date. Sushi and I replied we felt so relaxed and it was so fun!

And in answer to Leslie- you are too kind. I often look at those pictures of stars without makeup and think "hey! That's what I look like without makeup!" It's alright, I just know that to look my best I have to work a little at it. It cracks me up how surprised people are who usually see me without makeup when they see me made up. They literally say "wow! you look so pretty!" To which I reply "It's amazing what a little mascara will do for a girl, huh?!" ;)


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

You're so funny! You are beautiful!! I'm glad you guys get to go out! I hope you have fun. I love going to the Theatre when we get a beats the movie theater by far!

Zed said...

Have a great time with Sushiboy!

You sound a lot like me. My home looks great for company and "relaxed" when it's just me. And while I'm not a natural beauty, I look pretty darn good cleaned up. Very, very good in fact! Takes time, but so worth it.

Again, have fun, OK? You two deserve it.