Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ole' Swampy

I thought I should put a happy post up. Lately my blog has been a sounding board for my many problems and I thought something fun would be great.

I bought a book called "Hello cupcake!" a couple of years ago. I love it. It has adorable cupcakes decorated in ways that anyone can do. They use candy and simple frosting techniques and it's so fun. I don't pull it out often because I am often very busy. But, we are having a get together with one of my friends today and so it was the perfect excuse to make something out of the book. I also made my "surprise pupcakes" with it. They are chocolate cupcakes with a surprise baked into the middle. Cream cheese and chocolate chips! yum! So, it should be fun tonight, I love excuses to make fun things for my family.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

That's so cute! Hey, you wanna get together sometime? hehehe. ;)

Superwoman said...

thanks! of course! We need another get together! Give me a call and we'll set something up. :)