Monday, March 24, 2008

my first tag

So, I got my first tag, enjoy, I got this before I left for the weekend, pics are still coming!

4 Jobs I have had:
-lifeguard/swim teacher
-tech support
- mommy (the most important one)

4 Movies I watch over and over
this is a tough one because I usually don’t watch movies over and over, I watch them once, mabey twice and I’m done. But, I do enjoy most Jane Austen movies, old Alfred Hitchcock, as well as crime tv shows (such as “Law and Order, etc) and sci-fi tv shows (such as Firefly and Battlestar Galactica) and two movies I used to watch over and over that still make me chuckle are “Only You” and “Cutting Edge”

4 Places I have lived:
Logan, Ut
Rexburg, ID
Springville, Ut
Pocatello, Id

4 TV shows I watch
What not to wear ( I would love to go on the show, $5000 to spend on myself and a trip to NYC? I’m there! All our money goes to our kids now, not me)
New Amsterdam (this is a new obsession)
Law and Order
Battlestar Galactica

4 Places I have been
Tri-cities area, Tennessee
Nauvoo, Illinois
All over Southern Idaho
All over Southern Utah

4 People who email me regularly
My Pampered Chef Director,
Big Sister,
Licorice Stick Lady

4 Favorite things to eat (in no particular order)
#1. Chocolate
#2. Italian food
#3. Japanese Food
#4. Crab

4 Places I would rather be
On a beach
traveling in the middle east
Traveling in Asia
Traveling everywhere else in the world ( I really want to see the whole world one day, and travel in comfort, we’ll see if that ever happens)

4 Things I look forward to this year
Getting even better at Pampered Chef
flowers and getting a garden growing
a good vacation
Cookie monster starting Kindergarten

4 People to tag
Fantastagirl (I know you love these so much)


Fantastagirl said...

It will probably be up Wed...

Sushiboy said...

I think CM is gonna love kindergarten.

cheer34 said...

You are a pampered Chef? Nice.

Superwoman said...

Cheer 34- Yep, I am, drop me a line if you ever need anything.

Sushi- He is so excited he can hardly handle it.

Scarlet said...

"( I really want to see the whole world one day, and travel in comfort, we’ll see if that ever happens)"

Hey SushiB, pressure is on you now!

Hope you get plenty of peace and quiet when CookieM starts Kinder.