Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots of happenin's at the Sushiboy household

Whew! It has been a whirlwind week. First lets start with a picture of my mother's cake.


I still can't believe I made that! I feel pretty proud of myself. I also can't wait to try it again. I am also very proud of myself because I have been trying to stretch out of my comfort zone with Pampered Chef and I have been trying to meet new customers when I'm out and about. I have been doing this. This is a very hard thing for me to do because even though people think I'm very outgoing and stuff, I'm actually very shy when I first meet people. I also signed a new recruit the other day so I am really, really close to becoming a director! Yippee! Oh, and I'm down 3 lbs within the last two weeks, not much, but it is progress, in the right direction.

Sushiboy is slugging his way through school and starting to feel better from his sinus infection. I'm proud of how well he is doing and I appreciate how hard he works for us.

Cookie lost his first tooth the other day, he was so excited! The tooth fairy left him a dollar and he told me "mom, the tooth fairy ONLY left me a dollar" to which I told him the tooth fairy only used to leave me a quarter, then he was happy. Here is a pic of the missing tooth in the mouth and that little tiny white spot in his hand is his tooth, he has really small teeth. He is also doing so well in school, he is reading, he knows all his sounds, letters, numbers and is doing well with math. He is a smart kid, I'm a little concerned that he is bored because his teacher is starting to see some small behavior issues, like not cooperating and he had a meltdown in class the other day. The year is almost over and then he will be in first grade and I'm sure things will be better.



Cakes and I were running to school the other day and she "took a tumble" in her words. The poor thing tripped over her feet and landed on her nose on the sidewalk. Thankfuly, the scab is gone now and there is just cute smooth pink skin and no scar. She wanted me to take a picture of it. Cakes is struggling a little in school, she is very creative and I'm glad for that but she is not at all ready for kindergarten this next fall. We had already come to this conclusion and so had her preschool teachers. She will be in a transitional kindergarten this fall and I think it will be very helpful for her. The transitional kindergarten follows the same curiculum as regular kindergarten but at a slower place and with a smaller teacher/child ratio. They also will have a speech therapist who will work with her, she has a slight lisp. I love how creative she is but I also realize she needs to fit into the normal parameters of school to be successful in life. I think the TK will be great and get her caught up so we can be done with special ed by regular kindergarten.


Tank has graduated to the sitting in the sink for a bath stage, mostly because he is too big to fit in the infant bath anymore. And he got his first ear infection Sunday night. The poor kid didn't know what to do with himself when he wasn't feeling good. I'm grateful for antibiotics. He seems to be feeling better now.


Well, that pretty much sums things up for the sushiboy family. How are things at your home?


Sushiboy said...

Its been a busy fun week.

Tug said...

Your kids are beautiful, and sounds like you've got them all on the right track! Ear infections...yucka. Glad that Sushi's feeling better!

I'm glad to hear you're putting yourself out there more; I think it will do you good and it WILL get easier as you go - GO.DIRECTOR!

The (cup)cake? What an AWESOME idea! Turned out really cool. ;-)

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I wondered what the scab was from when we saw Cakes on Monday. I'm sorry! You guys seem happy! I love the little garden cupcakes! I want to see that book you have, or get one myself! I love stuff like that.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Your children are adorable! Steven was sitting with me when I read this post and he said your big boy looks "just like his dad"!

I LOVE the cake - VERY creative. When are you making the sunflower cupcakes for me?


Superwoman said...

Sushi- yep, I'm tired.

tug- thanks! I know putting myself out there will help and that's why I'm doing it but it takes a lot of courage to do it!

leslie- I'll let you take a look at it, I love it and everything is totally doable, you two being artistic and all it should be easy for you!

Hoosiergirl- lol, when you come to visit again!

groovyoldlady said...

As a cake decorator and as a lover of all things Pampered Chef (I'm having a party this Saturday!), let me say that your cake is AWESOME!

And your children are adorable too. I homeschool mine. I always know when they're ready for a bigger challenge, but I haven't a clue what grade they're in!

Kaycee said...

That cake is adorable.

We have the same bath seat that Tank is sitting in, it's one of my favorite baby items.

Superwoman said...

groovy- thanks! I'll take that as one of the highest compliments since you are such a great cake decorator.

Kacee- I think I got it at the DI when Cookie was a baby. It has been put to good use!