Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From Hot to cold

Sunday and Monday were glorious, they were seventy five degrees and eighty degrees, today is is thirty degrees with snow that is sticking. Cookiemonster woke up last night puking, I diddn't get much sleep last night, today I just took it easy, all of us did. The kids let the TV and videogames babysit them and I read and took care of everything else that came up. He does seem to be a little better today though. Enjoy the pic of the back yard!
April 14 2008


Sushiboy said...

I guess the only flood I needed to worry about was the flood of snow.

Nobody™ said...

That's depressing.

It snowed where I was at on Friday night and Saturday.

Cheer34 said...

sorry about the little ones being sick....my husband had to do the clean up after the kids threw up...I would gag and vomit with them if I heard or smelled it. yuck!

Amy said...

I didn't even know you had a blog! Yay!!

Yuck about the snow. I remember that from growing up in Colorado. We had a snow day at the end of May once in school! I think it's done here (knock on wood).