Friday, April 18, 2008

What did you do today?

Today was an exhausting day. My mom came down again and we finished spring cleaning the upstairs, we washed the walls in the master bedroom and bathroom, cleaned the carpets in the kids rooms and the master bedroom, and rearranged the master bedroom. I like the new arrangement better, we'll see what sushiboy thinks of it. We also planted 50 strawberry plants, 20 asparagus plants, tilled the garden, planted potatoes, peas, lettuce, beets, onions, and corn. Then we pruned all the fruit trees in the yard. I am about ready to drop but so grateful to have such a great Mom to help me out. Here's to a long hot bath and a good nights sleep!


Nobody™ said...

Wow, you were busy!

I can't believe you guys are planting already, we have a good 20 days before we dare start planting gardens. I should look for some strawberry plants, but I'm not sure where to plant them.

I didn't do anything yesterday except go to the dentist (twice).

Today I hope to clean the basement.

Cheer34 said...

Wow you actually wash walls in your house?....G man and I cleaned our cottage, set out the deck furniture, measured for window treatments, I didn't buy any yet...waiting to find just the right shade of bamboo...and restocked the cupboards and frig...yeah ...this weekend we can use the cottage hoorah!

Superwoman said...

nobody- we just planted seeds, by the time they are up everything should be fine. Yuck to the dentist thing. expensive and boring.

cheer- we do, it makes such a difference in how clean the house feels and with little ones in the house I really need to, my walls get dirty. Hooray about the cabin! Mabey sushiboy and I will have a cabin one day.

licorice stick lady said...

I really think I'll wait until mother's day to plant. I had too many things die last year, but good luck to you! Let me know how to do asparagus! I've heard it take a few years to really get it growing correctly. Wow! That sounds like a ton of work! Good going!