Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Days

The last few days have been fun, yesterday I never did get myself outside to finish yard stuff, mabey today. Cookiemonster and I have this game we play where I say "do you know I love you?" and usually he will giggle and say "yes, I know" and I say "that's good because I love you forever". Last night when I asked him if he knew I loved him he said "yes, I mean no" (this usually means he needs to hear me tell him how much I love him and what I love about him), I giggled and said, "no! why not" his reply was "do you love me more than you?" and I told him yes, then he started asking if I love him more than whatever silly thing he could see, the silliest being "do you love me more than cupcake wrappers?" and I told him of course, it was such a cute moment. He was very happy to know that I loved him more than cupcake wrappers.

Cakes went to a farm today for preschool. It sounds like it was a pretty cool farm, not only did she see the typical things (ducks, chickens, cows, horses, etc) she saw a baby llama and some baby kangaroos that were hopping around. She was so excited that she got to ride on the school bus too. I debated seriously about whether to keep her home today, she still has the goopy nose but decided that since she doesn't have many field trips I better let her go. I'm glad I did, now I hope she didn't get other kids sick!

Cookiemonster is starting to figure out phonics, it's fun to hear him practicing the sounds the letters make, he's already starting to figure out some reading on his own, we'll see if he takes off now.

Sushiboy is taking his final on thursday, wish him luck! I know he'll do great, he has been pulling straight A's so far, I'm sure whatever he does it will be wonderful. I'm so glad to have such a smart, motivated husband.

That's about it around the sushiboy household, perhaps I can accomplish some of the remaining yard work today and get the house picked up. Wish me luck!


Cheer34 said...

IT's okay you did not get the outside work done...sounds like more important things, converstaions, were the priority.

Mel said...

you should make a video of that game :):)