Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring and Open House

Whew, I took this picture before the snow fell, it just looked so beautiful with the yellow and purple. I have been busy. I have an Open House for my one year anniversary with Pampered Chef on thursday and I have been doing spring cleaning on top of planning for that. My mom came down on Monday and we washed walls, cleaned light fixtures, washed down cupboards, moved furniture and cleaned behind/underneath it, and washed windows, it was a lot of work but my house feels so much cleaner now, it even smells cleaner. Well, enjoy the picture and hope spring is on it's way where you are too.


Fantastagirl said...

Such wonderful signs of spring - good luck with your open house!

Mel said...

so pretty!! I hope you did well on your open house! I always LOVE a sparkling house, why cant it stay that way LOL??

Superwoman said...

Fantastagirl- thanks!

Mel- I agree about the house! I hope tomorrow goes well.