Thursday, June 5, 2008

Body image and baby

The other day I was horrified to hear my sweet perfect three year old saying "my cheeks are too big, they need to be smaller". HOLY CRAP!! I know and am very aware (as are all women) of the pressures of society on women and how we "should" look. But here is my beautiful baby girl having body issues. I love, love, love her cheeks. They are adorable and perfect for a three year old little girl. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I proceeded to tell her I thought they were perfect and she looked just the way she should. Sushi, upon hearing this pointed out that all little girls her age have cheeks like that. Even the ones in her barbie movies. I wonder if the barbie movies aren't half the problem here. Even though barbie is more in proportion now than in the past she is still a little rediculous. Anyhow, after about two or three days of reassurance she seems to be over it. WHEW, I'm sure there will be many other discussions like this down the road but I just didn't expect this at three years old.


I had my second doctors appointment yesterday and we were able to hear the baby's heatbeat. That is always cool. It really put my mind at ease. I always worry until I hear a strong, healthy heartbeat. This baby seems to be very active. The midwife was practicaly having to chase the baby around to hear it. Another sign of a healthy, strong baby. 13 weeks down, 27 to go.


Cheer34 said...

o my gosh she has the cutest cheeks....and is that red hair? I am a redhead too.....I always favor redheads, we are a rare people only 2% of the world population.....purple looks good on her too....hearing the heartbeat is as good as hearing a child laugh.....check out Dave...he has a great video of a child laughing....

Tug said...

I LOVED hearing the baby's cool! I worry how the whole 'body image/world of Paris & Lindsey & Britney' will affect my granddaughter...she turns 3 tomorrow. MUCH LUCK, and I'm sure with her parents, she'll be just.fine.

BigSister said...

Cakes is so perfect and has the best cheeks and curly red hair. I know about that body image thing. It's tough for us all. Love you guys!

Karen said...

I hate to think of our perfect little girls ever critisizing themselves for their physical looks. Especially something so normal and adorable as round cheeks! At least your not one of those high-maintenence women, or your daughter would probably have more self-esteem issues at 3.

Glad you heard the baby, it is always reassuring to know everything is going as it should.

bon said...

heh... and then there are my girls who will always have round cheeks! I make sure to point out to them the pro's of having, what I call a "babydoll" face. I also make sure and tell them how much I have loved having that same sort of "babydoll" face my whole life.

Frankly... Lohan used to have some lovely cheeks before she lost her mind... that is, I mean, every last ounce of her body fat.

Superwoman said...

thanks everyone, I think she is fine now, it just took a few days of telling her she was perfect and things seem to be better now. I just didn't expect this so soon. I guess it's the world we live in.

cheer- she has the most perfect beautiful curly red hair it has perfect ringlets. so adorable

tug- thanks!

karen- probably true. How are things going on your end?

bon- you are a great example of a healthy attitude to your girls.

Mel said...

I love her cheeks!!!!!!!!!

"that girl" said...

oh oh oh ... you guys did the right thing ... i am continuing to tell my 10 year old everyday that she is "normal" and that most of what she sees on tv and magazines is "touched up"

dove has some great videos on body image for girls at

congrats and good luck with the new little addition

HoosierGirl5 said...

Hi there...I am here via Sushiboy. Your daughter is adorable! And congrats on the upcoming baby! I love babies - I have 4 of my own, although they're not babies anymore.

Great blog.