Monday, June 23, 2008

WOW, a week to myself

I went up to my parents last night for a family party. My kids surprised me by saying they wanted to stay at grandma's house. We didn't have extra clothes for them or anything. But after checking schedules and such, it looks like I have until Saturday morning without kids. I'm a little stunned. I keep thinking wow, when I clean my house it will stay clean, how 'bout that. I can accomplish so much while they're gone. Sushi will have a normal week with school and work but I will get to take a nap when I feel like it. huh, what a thought. Today I went shopping for some summer maternity shirts and found some as well as a new swimming suit. My old one was getting worn out in the butt. Why is it that they always wear out in the butt???? The rest of the suit is fine, the butt is starting to get a little thin. And trust me you don't want to see that. I also went to the local thrift shop (The Deseret Industries or DI for those of you not here in Utah!) and found a maternity top for $4.00, a bassinnett for $5.00, a baby saucer for $3.00 and an aquarium that is lizard ready for cookie for $5.00. Not too shabby. Plus I was able to find a sno cone machine and flavorings. The kids will be thrilled. So, here's to me and a whole week to myself. I think I'm going to enjoy it for about two days, then I'll really be missing them.


"that girl" said...

i have so learned to take advantage of the time when the kids are at their fathers

it's my time to get "sane", relax

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Wow! that's just what a pregnant girl dreams of isn't it! I think my third pregnancy was literally the most taxing, just because my other two children didn't have any idea that I was always tired or emotionally on edge. Enjoy yourself this week!

bon said...

Wow. Am green, not with nausea but ENVY!

Seriously, what an amazing gift to you. Enjoy!

Karen said...

Hey, I may be down at Eric's parents on Friday, if I am we should take advantage of your kid-less-ness and go to lunch/dinner. I'll let you know.