Friday, June 20, 2008

I don't know why she swallowed the fly. . . perhaps she'll die

house work 1

I feel a bit like the old lady who swallowed the fly. . . I don't know why. I am currently trying to psych myself out enough to clean the house before the horde of men descend on it tonight for game night. I know it will be dirty within an hour or so after they get here but I guess I feel like if I don't have a clean house it reflects on me. Besides it really is in need of a good cleaning. It is one of the things I have had to let go a little bit with being pregnant this time around. I am just so stinkin' tired all the time. I make it to the gym each day and I'm proud of myself for that but that pretty much sucks up all my energy for the day. I guess if I can get it clean after they all leave I should only have a little bit of clutter to clean up and some vacuuming to do. Or mabey. . . I should just let sushi and his friends clean up after themselves.


bon said...

Aw heck woman! Let them clean up after their OWNSELVES!

Shoot... I gotta go scrub the bathrooms.

Leslie Wilson-licorice stick lady said...

I say "If you make the mess, you clean it up." I'd say if you're pregnant and tired, which are both given, you should take a rest and let them clean up. They should have that much decency-again, I say "SHOULD".If not, let me know. I'll make sure at least the guy who belongs in my family hears from me! Mmmwwaahahaha!

Fantastagirl said...

Let them clean up after themselves... amazingly they will never make as big of a mess again.

Sushiboy said...

We didn't make that big of mess. 15 minutes and we were done cleaning.