Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day as you all know. We had a good day today with Sushiboy. The kids got up early and I had to be somewhere early this morning but sushi got to sleep in until cookie told him he needed to get up. Then we went yardsale shopping for a wagon because holy crap! A new one is so expensive. After that we came home for a little over an hour and I made some brownies for someone in my church. Then we went and saw Kung Fu Panda and went to get sushi for sushiboy. Now everyone is home and chillin' and tomorrow will be a nice day too. We have a few presents lined up to give to him and all the kids will be singing in church for their Dads and I may make a roast for dinner. The crappy part about all this is that tomorrow evening we need to go to a viewing for a funeral for a family friend's brother. A weird day to have a viewing for a man but whatever, it isn't me who made the arrangements. Anyhow, back to father's day. I am so glad to have sushi in my life. He works so hard and goes to school and makes it possible for me to stay at home with the kids and accomplish a lot of what I do. Thank's sushi! You are a great daddy and husband and we appreciate all you do for us.


HoosierGirl5 said...

Happy Father's Day to Sushi Boy! He seems like a great dad!


Teri said...

Same here. You guys have a great family!