Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are we there yet????


Sushiboy, Superwoman, Cookiemonster, and Cakes will be gone until Sunday night. Meeting them at their location will be Big Sister and Big Grizz. They don't have the state holiday off that sushi does so they will be coming up later. We are going to a family reunion. . . yeah, we were hoping for something more exciting too but that's why were going. This is the one time of year that we take our kids to stay in a hotel and the kids are SOOOO excited. There is a pool and cable and anything you want for breakfast. I'm not real thrilled about a 6-7 hour drive in my current condition but what can you do??? It should be fun, the reunion is for sushi's family and I will get to meet a lot of family that I haven't met in the last eight years of marriage. We also will see my Aunt and Uncle as well as my cousin and her kids. That part I am looking forward to, I really enjoy their company. So, I know, I know, you are wondering how you will carry on without my presence but, you will just have to figure it out. I'll be sure to take pictures and update you on how the trip went! See you monday.


Cheer34 said...

have fun....we will miss you....

Scarlet said...

A 7 hour trip.

In Summer.

With kids.

While pregnant.

Have fun Bwahahahahaha.

I reckon you should have Sushi's spirit broken by the fourth hour.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Have fun! Make Sushiboy stop every since time you want to....unlike some truckers I know! Hee, hee.


Superwoman said...

thanks everyone, I'm sure we'll be fine, we plan on leaving really early in the morning so hopefully the kids will sleep most the way.

groovyoldlady said...

I hope you have a wonderful time (with all the pee and snack breaks you need).