Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Water Park exhaustion


My two teenage sisters are staying with me because my Mom is in Michigan helping my sister with her new baby. We decided to go to our local water park yesterday. The kids and I have season passes and so we go quite often. Usually for a few hours, mabey three or four and then we go home. I don't feel bad going for just a little while because we can go back tomorrow if we want to. Well, since we actually had to pay the outrageous price for my two sisters and cookie was actually able to go on the slides (pregnant women can't go on the slides and besides, what would I do with cakes while I took him? She's too short)we stayed a little longer than usual. By a little longer I mean ALL DAY. We seriously got there around 12:30 or so and left around 7:30. Then we came home and reheated my birthday dinner (roast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, rolls, leftover salads from our july 4th picknick.) and washed the chlorine off our bodies. After dinner, baths, reading books and stuff we all got to bed late. All of us slept late today. All of us are walking around like zombies today. All of us are sunburned (even though we kept putting on sunscreen). We had a great time but as my mother says, "he who dances must pay the fiddler". I guess today we're paying the fiddler.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

My girls could not wait for the water park to open. Consequently, we went the day it opened, and that night left for Idaho. It was a super packed day for me, but fun. I was really badly sunburned on my shoulders because after managing to plaster the kids in 50 SPF sunblock, I forgot to put it on myself. That made for a miserable first night of our trip. Anyway, We'll have to go to the water park together one of these days when you're not sick of it anymore. What do ya say?

bon said...

Yeesh... ouch! Once again this year we opted to NOT get the seasons pass. We are doing the blow up pool and sprinklers instead. It's just too frazzling trying to keep tabs on three kids, one of whom is a two year old!

Cheer34 said...

I have a phobia about water parks..I live in NY and we have had many bad bacteria issues, hundreds of kids getting sick, so I avoid them.

Your birthday dinner sound delicious....care to share?

Superwoman said...

leslie- we actually got passes to seven peaks but we would love to go with you one of these days!

bon- yeah, two is a handful, but, we opted not to do swimming lessons this year so this was making up for it.

cheer- we've had that crypto stuff here too but not in our pools yet this summer. We had it last year but not this year. and I'll share if you share some of your yummy foods you got in europe!

Amy said...

Ah, but that sounds like a GREAT summer day!

Mel said...

sounds like a great time!!

I am wishing I was there LOL

HoosierGirl5 said...

My kids love waterparks, but they wear me out! And I'M not pregnant! You take it easy, girlfriend!!

Did you see anyone with their belly button pierced? (wink)'Cause you know those girls are WILD!!! (hee, hee)


Fantastagirl said...

The kids loved the water park that we visited on vacation (thankfully indoors!)

Kudos to you for going!

Cheer34 said...

where are you....I get nervous when bloggers haven't posted in a week or so....hope all is well