Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stupid Pregnancy Dreams


Ugh, I really hate pregnancy dreams, they make no sense and just creep me out. I always have very vivid strange dreams and I really don't like it. Last night I dreamed that my best friend Ally was marrying my old high school boyfriend. For some reason Sushi wasn't there and I had to be right in the thick of things, dealing with her, his parents, their friends, etc, etc, etc. all by myself. And I think I was pregnant. My most beautiful state. (stated sarcastically, I really am not the cute tiny pregnant woman, I get huge, and puffy and NOT cute) The really crazy part of this dream is that both people, Ally and the boy are happily married, I don't care that he's married, I'm happy for him. I'm really glad I didn't marry him, Sushi is perfect for me and I couldn't get anyone better. WTH???? I hate dreams like this. Yet another thing I love about being pregnant.


groovyoldlady said...

Ah, pregnancy dreams. Super UGH!!!
I've had four kids and whilst pregnant, I always dreamed about my baby dying. Cheerful things like the baby drowning in the tub etc.

Why can't I have happy dreams like how my 1 year-old cleaned the house for me or something?

Superwoman said...

lol that would be a happy dream!!!

HoosierGirl5 said...

I've had a lot of weird dreams lately, too, and I'm NOT pregnant.

What does THAT mean?